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It was an honor and pleasure to read the wonderful, beautiful, meaningful and informative article by the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III in the October edition of Ebony magazine.

This brilliant theologian and renowned author is the former pastor of the historic Tabernacle Baptist Church in Augusta. He is now a prominent pastor in Chicago.

Without question, his Ebony magazine article articulates a poetic style of writing. This is vintage Rev. Moss. He delivers a profound, astute and moving story about his late sister Daphne, who ended her life after her battle with mental illness.

The Rev. Moss’s article exposes mental illness as an issue that has captivated the attention of our nation because of the many people who have been victimized by violent crimes at the hands of mentally ill perpetrators.

The first full week in October is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and it’s my belief that the Rev. Moss’ revealing story is going to open the minds of many Americans to having a positive dialogue about the mental health crisis in our nation.

I strongly and sincerely encourage all Americans to read the Rev. Moss’s educational and fascinating article to acquire a true understanding of the negative impact that mental illness has on our society.

It’s sad that we Americans continue to allow our ignorance to perpetuate more ignorance about the tragic and devastating consequences of mental illness.

I’m grateful to God for the Rev. Moss’ fortitude and brilliance in revealing his personal involvement with the ordeal of mental illness.

E. Maner


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Dixieman 09/26/13 - 12:12 pm
Here it comes.

You'd have to be crazy not to support Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Oh, wait...

Jon Lester
Jon Lester 09/26/13 - 09:02 am
I would like to raise your awareness of

the existence of other Democratic candidates for the US Senate, particularly "Dr. Rad," a real psychiatrist. For some reason, the state party and the SDCC think you should get behind the administrator with a famous name, rather than consider someone with a skill set that's been sorely lacking in Washington.

rmwhitley 09/26/13 - 02:19 pm
My hat's

off to E. Maner. The most cogent letter I've ever seen from her.

whyme 09/27/13 - 01:06 am

Someone writes a serious letter regarding an even more serious topic of mental illness, and all 3 of you demonstrate exactly why we have the issues in our society today. Instead of demonstrating an intelligent acknowledgement of the writer's content, whether you agree or not, you make light of mental illness, digress from the topic, and keep posting some attempt at a joke about Sean Moores (saw it in another comments section also). How about you spend your time learning a little more about this subject and how you can support the agencies trying to minimize the effects of mental illness on our society so that the likelihood of tragedies to it will be minimal? Or is that too serious for you?

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