Must we aid Syrian rebels?

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The leading rebel group supporting the overthrow of the Syrian government is the group Jabhat al-Nusra, designated by the United States, and later by Britain, as a terrorist organization. They most likely would take ruling control of Syria if Bashar al-Assad is deposed, which is their goal.

This group refers to the United States and Israel as enemies of Islam, and were actively involved in fighting American forces in Iraq. Their modus operandi includes suicide bombings, kidnappings, torture and execution-style murders. An example of their methods occurred in June, when members of Jabhat al-Nusra attacked a Christian convent, and killed a Catholic priest and two of his assistants seeking sanctuary.

In May, Al-Nusra members were arrested in Turkey, and reportedly had two kilograms of sarin gas in their possession. Apparently both sides have access to gas, and can we be 100-percent sure that Assad was the one who used it first? Many believe the U.S. was wrong about weapons of mass destruction.

Either way, both sides of this civil war are capable of great evil, and both sides of this civil war hate America. Now we are contemplating a course of action that not only could help a regime that would be worse than the current government, but also would further the world’s increasing negative opinion of our great country.

Looking back on U.S. history, aren’t we lucky that other countries didn’t band together to attack us for our destruction of innocent people? There is too much gray in this current situation to make a black-or-white decision.

This is one time we need to heed the advice of the international community and stand down at this moment in time. Human tragedies are being performed by both sides of this civil war. Military involvement would just shake world stability, causing panic economically and politically, and the forming of alliances that historically have led to not-so-good conclusions.

Do we really want to help the rebels?

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Dixieman 09/11/13 - 10:30 am
No we don't

This is the best letter -- in calm tone and well-researched substance -- that I have EVER seen in the AC! Well done, Mr. Saffron. Except for the dumb sentence about America killing innocent people. This country and its military are a force for good!

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 09/11/13 - 08:02 am
Why would you get in the way

Why would you get in the way of TWO of your enemies when they are killing each other?

deestafford 09/11/13 - 09:22 am
A most excellent letter that covers the topic well; however,

I don't understand the third to last paragraph about US history and the destruction of innocent people. I would like to see an expanded explanation of that comment.

As to the information on Syria it is as well presented on any I have read and heard. The bottomline is we should stay out of there because both sides hate us.

What has got us in this fix is our presidents alligator mouth has overloaded his canary butt and the Russians are coming out as the dominant power as he is displaying his incompetence and lack of understanding of the world.

Pops 09/11/13 - 09:38 am
Obama makes

Jimmy Carter look like a cross between Stephen Hawking and an MMA fighter.......

jimmymac 09/11/13 - 11:18 am

You are so right. Why would we get in the way of two crazy groups that both hate us killing each other? The answer of course is we shouldn't. Let them kill each other and let Allah sort it out.

Darby 09/11/13 - 11:22 am
There are times when the old axiom, "The

enemy of my enemy is my friend" just won't stand up.

Syria is a case in point. If the humanitarian carnage is serious enough, then challenge the UN to step in.

If they will not, or can not, then either way, it's a great lesson for the world. The U.N. will be exposed as a consummate failure.

In any event, lacking a direct threat to the United States, that should be the preeminent litmus test.

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 09/11/13 - 01:26 pm
The enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend in this case

Do we really have to wait until 2016 to get rid of that madman in the White House? It's pretty evident, the damage he is doing and what his intentions are. Wht won't Congress take action???

KSL 09/11/13 - 08:45 pm
Because his minions have

Because his minions have probably been spying on them, as well.

Echoes86 09/12/13 - 12:14 pm
Agree with the Letter

The letter writer said it all, and I totally agree. As for the US killing innocents comment, I assumed he meant European countries and the Native Americans, but I could be wrong.

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