'Perpetual sales tax' stinks

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You can call a skunk by any name you care to use but it still stinks.

I am referencing a guest column in the July 14 Opinion section written by Laura Lowry (“Vehicle tag fees are grossly unfair to Georgia’s newest residents”). I, too, was struck by a $775.56 ad valorem tax, which I call a perpetual sales tax as it is six-and-a-half percent, based on the value of the vehicle.

So what can I do? Nothing directly, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will request that AARP forewarn all retirees that might be considering coming to the Peach State for the “good life.”

I am retired military, 85 years old, trying to live on a fixed pension.

Thank you for printing Mrs. Lowry’s column, and thanks to her for writing it.

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Young Fred
Young Fred 07/17/13 - 02:26 am
" I will request that AARP

" I will request that AARP forewarn all retirees "

You're kidding, right?

As a retired military person, in my humble opinion, you should be grandfathered into these new rules and given an exemption. You are retired and living on a fixed income. When the ever insatiable government wants more and more, it's not fair to ask taxpayers for more and more; and especially not fair to ask those that have given the most.

SGT49 07/17/13 - 07:57 am
It sure beats the previous

It sure beats the previous system. I recently bought a vehicle. Under the old system, I would have paid 8% sales tax on the purchase price ($27,000) and ad volorem tax every year into the future that I owned it. Instead, I paid 6-1/2% on the state's value ($18,000) and no more ad volorem tax. Sorry you think you got a raw deal. Check other states and see how they would treat you. From one vet to another, thanks for your service and God bless.

deestafford 07/17/13 - 08:07 am
This is one issue I can understand both sides.

I guess it boils down to getting the pain over with all at once or dragging it on a yearly tax bite. I can see where it would be painful to pay it all at once and some would like to pay something each year.

I guess there ain't no easy answer.

GiantsAllDay 07/17/13 - 09:04 am
If you pay it up front and

If you pay it up front and keep the vehicle for several years, you will come out ahead.

corgimom 07/17/13 - 01:38 pm
Don't move to North Carolina,

Don't move to North Carolina, either, when you register your car, not only do you have to pay hefty ad valorem tax, they sock you with a $400 "new resident" welcome-to-North-Carolina fee, on TOP of the ad valorem.

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