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Does The Augusta Chronicle have any quality standards for a guest columnist? If so, the column by Joaquin Godoy on June 30 falls in the category of “What were you thinking?” This so-called column was a litany of calumnies against this country and some of its leaders.

Mr. Godoy accuses Ronald Reagan of killing peasants, women and children. It’s too bad he chose to malign President Reagan with unsubstantiated charges instead of crediting his policies for being instrumental in bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending the Soviet Empire that murdered millions of its citizens.

Mr. Godoy accuses Bill Clinton of attempting to demolish Barack Obama, claims that George Bush is a clown and asserts that the United States is a violent nation with more crime than all of Europe. Is there anything this man likes about the country that has enabled him to live a very prosperous life and retirement?

Mr. Godoy’s most outrageous accusation of all is this comment: “One of our biggest problems is that we really believe America is unique and the best nation in the world.” Some problem, huh?

The above are just a few of the hateful comments of Mr. Godoy. To be honest, the remaining comments are just too disorganized and confusing to be addressed.

To sum up, we have a man who emigrated to this country to take advantage of the freedom and opportunity we offer. He was successful and became a prosperous insurance executive, and now he accuses this very same country of being – in his words – barbaric, violent and the most hated nation in the world.

What a sad commentary.

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shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 07/09/13 - 12:43 am
I agree Ms. Herrick

I had to laugh at his diatribe. Not one thing he said made any sense. I have been all over the world and I can tell you from my own experience that the USA is by far the best country in the world. I thank my lucky stars every day that I live here. We are the most compassionate country in the world. Sure we have violence but so does every other country. We don't have to worry about being blown up every time we go to the market.
As far as the Chronicle publishing the guest column I'm glad they did It goes to show that the opinion page is just that. The Chronicle is very good about publishing every point of view and my hat is off to them. It would be a lousy editorial page if it was always one sided. The Chronicle is a conservative newspaper and they let us know that but they publish liberal view points too. That is the mark of a good newspaper.
Even Joaquin Godoy was allowed to spew his rubbish. Like I said I tip my hat to the Chronicle for publishing all points of view.

Riverman1 07/09/13 - 04:21 am
Godoy's letter was a strange

Godoy's letter was a strange one, but Shrimp puts it in perspective. Allow all viewpoints. The commenters handled him well. Heh.

rmwhitley 07/09/13 - 07:36 am
If you

read Godoy and Greenbaum, you know what to expect.

deestafford 07/09/13 - 08:22 pm
I'm glad the Chronicle published Godoy's letter because it

shows there are people out there who are completely ignorant of history either by omission or by choice. The shame is these type of people vote and have a say so as to how this country is run. You can't enlighten the unenlightenable.

dstewartsr 07/09/13 - 07:58 am
I don't understand all the furor

... one can find this particular viewpoint (and worse) on any given day on the 'unbiased' pages of the Atlanta paper- often as an editorial, not a mere letter to the editor.

pearlthesquirrel 07/09/13 - 09:13 am
Kool Aid

It's clearly obvious some people have been drinking that tainted Jim Jones Kool-Aid...................................WOW ! All of a sudden the Augusta Comical is like FOX news - it's fair and balanced? YIKES!

myfather15 07/09/13 - 09:29 am
I also agree with them

I also agree with them publishing other views, especially ones like Mr. Godoy's. It does ZERO harm and actually can help the conservative cause. Because anyone with the slightess resemblance of common sense logic, can see Mr. Godoy's letter is ridiculous non-sense. Hopefully, some of the "middle of the road" folks, read such garbage and then realize just how radical the far left is!! Because the FAR LEFT, trully is WAY out there!!

Even places like the Huffington Post will sometimes blast the radical far left and that is pretty bad. The radical left are those like Mr. Godoy who have nothing good to say about America at all, unless it's some radical left wing policy. When talking about the history of this Country, they do nothing but demean and belittle America, because thats what they must do, to pass their agenda.

Shrimp said it quite well. America is the greatest Country on earth. EVERY Country has a history of slavery and violence and ours is no more atrocious than anyones. Plus, they certainly don't want to give us credit for moving past atrocities better than other Countries.

Again, if you want to radically change a Country you must demean that Country as it current is and it's history. That's what they do!! More people with common sense should move out of their camp!!

Fiat_Lux 07/09/13 - 09:47 am
We really are seeing this a lot

The generosity that has been shown by our nation, not just to our own disenfranchised and marginalized citizens, but to the people of other nations around the world, is proving the truth of that old saw, "it doesn't mean anything unless you have to work for it".

As for gratitude, all we did by giving the rest of the world a hand up is to have opened people's eyes everywhere to what is possible. They seem to have largely missed the part about hard work, creativity and tenacity being the thresholds that must be traversed for the promised reward.

And, alas, in these latter generations, the response hasn't been widespread gratitude but rather, the snapping of jackals and hyenas over the carcass of the golden goose.

The lamentable Mr. Godoy's letter was an object lesson for the above. Even though he was successful, he is an ingrate--one of the most sickening character flaws a person can have and not be incarcerated.

owensjef3 07/09/13 - 03:16 pm
She should see what this

She should see what this paper says about President Obama everyday, boy I take it she not an everyday reader. Lol

corgimom 07/09/13 - 03:47 pm
Yeah, I read her first

Yeah, I read her first sentence, and said, "The answer is, NO!" That one was relatively tame, we've seen some real humdingers over the years, haven't we?

Darby 07/10/13 - 04:00 pm
Godoy's lengthy accusations had me

shaking my head in disbelief at the time.

It was like a scatter-shot effort to condemn the entire United States and it's people.

Kudos to Sandra Herrick for taking the time to challenge the arrogance and ignorance required to create Mr. Godoy's fairy tale.

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