What have we become?

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Disrespecting the Bible and banning it from public places does not remove its truth!

In the first chapter of Isaiah, the prophet proclaims to Israel God’s inner feelings about the way they were living and that His judgment was coming. Israel had turned from God to worship idols. God asks Israel, “Why are you forsaking Me? Think of all I have done for you! Even the donkey knows its master but you do not acknowledge Me.”

Because Israel had fallen into the sinful lifestyle of the nations around her, she was exiled into other lands. Has evil thinking slowly deceived us to where we no longer know whom our God is? In the name of tolerance we have voted away truth, lowered our standards and opened ourselves to God’s judgment.

Prophets warned the Jews that their rejection of God would bring exile, but they did not listen! Our ministers not only do not warn us of judgment, but accept and promote sins that Israel was guilty of.

In the 18th verse of that chapter, God pleads with Israel to reason with Him, that He would forgive them! Israel did not come, and suffered captivity.

How long will God allow us to continue to disrespect Him? Our enemies no longer are at our door; they are in our house! Let us take note of what we were and what we have become.

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carcraft 07/07/13 - 09:15 pm
Sin is sin, heterosexual sin

Sin is sin, heterosexual sin is no better or worse than homosexual sin. The problem is people now want us to celebrate thier sin and want it celebrated in Church!

Darby 07/10/13 - 11:27 am
".... let's look at the genocide of the Native

Americans in the name of God. "

Can't really find any verification of that. There was genocide, but to take their land, not convert them to Christianity. Killing them to convert them, that's just plain silly.

As for "Or how about the nukes the US dropped on human beings in WW2?" This and so many other examples demonstrates a severe case of tunnel vision.

Any objective observer will accept and admit that dropping those weapons saved hundreds of thousands (some say as many as a million) of American AND Japanese lives, given the Japanese resolve to commit every man, woman and child to defend "the Emperor" to the death.

The very fact that it took TWO 20KT weapons to change that position should convince any rational person that Truman had no viable option.

Some folks are going to bash America no matter what the subject. They see a socialist utopia as our only salvation.

corgimom 07/12/13 - 06:40 am
So does that mean that a

So does that mean that a doctor is a sorcerer, and that anybody that takes medicine such as morphine is one, also?

That's some interpretation, alright!

You just can't make this stuff up.

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