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In reply to the June 8 editorial “Dire loves company,” you have no idea!

Until you have spent a day in the shoes of a Richmond County teacher, you have no idea what his or her work day is like, and no right to chide. Furloughs have caused significant cuts in salaries, while class sizes have increased; teachers’ assistants have all but disappeared; parent involvement is at an all-time low; and behavioral incidents are at an all-time high.

Imagine having to face 25-35 children first thing in the morning and being responsible for them eight hours a day, 180 days a year! Those of you who get to slip away for breakfast and lunch during work hours and enjoy bathroom breaks as needed have no idea how lucky you are. And imagine if you were held accountable for the learning curve of all those you supervise, with no power of selection or dismissal.

You accuse teachers of “bemoaning their fates in public,” but most teachers I know are too busy rising to their challenges to bemoan anything. I see commitment and resourcefulness worthy of deep respect.

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deestafford 07/06/13 - 08:50 am
I have nothing but sympathy for the teachers of today

They have so many problem children they must deal with because of all the feel-good laws and regulations fostered on them by the left. Their hands are tied when it comes for disciplining the problem kids.

When I was in school in the 40s, 50s, and 60s the principle could suspend or kick a problem kid out of school. There were no tribunals or having to get the school district involved in disciplining kids.

Nowadays, the parents take the side of their "precious" child rather than the school authorities. It used to be the last thing you ever wanted was a teacher calling your parents with a problem about you. If that happened you were in trouble and I'm not talking about time out.

I could go on and on with the differences, but you get the picture. Teachers my hat is off to you for having to put up with the environment that the politicians have created for you.

The people in charge of our education system today, from the national level on down, were the leftist hippies of the 60s and their acolytes.

When I was in school people did not have sympathy for the teachers---they had respect for them.

InChristLove 07/06/13 - 09:26 am
deestafford, I second your

deestafford, I second your comment!

soapy_725 07/06/13 - 09:47 am
Public schools need discipline, not more money. Lost cause.

Public schools need discipline, not more money. Lost cause.

seenitB4 07/06/13 - 10:25 am
deestafford is right again...

This is a different school world & it hasn't changed for the better either..take the gov out of the schools....fire & hire as qualified employees are in other businesses...
In Atl they will assign a full time police officer for each midle & high school in the district...this is needed & will be money well spent.....what a shame it had to come to this BUT it has....& some wonder why some remove their children from public schools.

RMSHEFF 07/06/13 - 11:38 am

I agree with your post however I can remember several teacher in my high school years who would come into class and give a reading assignment or something just to keep the class busy and proceed to read the news paper for the whole hour. I am not sure if this goes on today but my guess would be there are still at least some teachers that don't earn their money. I am also sure that most do a good job with what they have to deal with.

Darby 07/06/13 - 02:59 pm
"When I was in school people did not have

sympathy for the teachers---they had respect for them."

Ditto - However, there was never any doubt back then that those teachers earned that respect.

These days, there are so many into education without the inspiration, that those who do work hard and pour their hearts into the job are often overlooked.

Also, parents back then were more likely to be involved as well. It seems today that parents are asked to participate but are then often kept at arms length when it come to actual immersion into the process.

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