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Republicans are embracing Democratic policies while ignoring the Tea Party. This is a big mistake – just as they are shunning Christians because they are not for abortion and gay marriage.

Karl Rove and other Republicans came out so hard against GOP candidates who disagreed with them on social issues and candidates with Tea Party ideas that we lost the last election.

Everyone will not agree on every issue, but if the Republicans want to grow the party, they cannot do so by ignoring their base. There are more Christians and more Republicans in the Tea Party as they see where this administration is taking us with Obamacare, debt and social issues.

Also, that Gang of Eight is making a big mistake pushing the immigration bill without securing the border. I am for fixing the country, not candidates winning elections to push Democratic policies that make the government bigger with more people being supported by the hardworking taxpayer.

We need more candidates such as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina – people who stand for something, not candidates who blur the issues.

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Young Fred
Young Fred 06/30/13 - 04:04 am
Congressmen such as Cruz,

Congressmen such as Cruz, Gowdy, and Wilson seem to be few and far between.

You might as well go ahead and give up on the GOP. Their “corruptness” knows no equal – except maybe within the Democrat party.

That's the thing about the old guard GOP. They find themselves in a contest with Democrats. How exactly can we use available media to paint a pleasing picture they ask themselves.

I recently called Lindsey Graham's office concerning the amnesty for criminals bill that's being debated. They fell all over themselves assuring me how much they appreciated my opinion and input.

They assured me they really ( and truly) cared, and the “most humble senator” Graham “values and appreciates” all input from constituents.

They then proceeded to “explain” to me how I didn't understand how “things” in Washington worked, but I could be assured that Senator Graham had MY best interest foremost in his consideration.

Well, you can just imagine, I felt soooo much better after that exchange. I would have pushed it, but hey, I don't want to end up on some kind of list.

Ain't that a wizzer? A constituent vocalizing concerns, while having to worry about hammers and jack boots coming down on his head.

deestafford 06/30/13 - 08:41 am
Excellent letter

The thing is about the Republicans in DC it seems after they have been there a while they seem to want to be liked by everyone up there and do things "the Washington way" as indicated by the comment about calling Graham's office. Thankfully, we don't understand "how things are done in Washington" because we would be just as nuts and principleless as they are up there.

I can understand the art of compromising in politics if both side have the same goal in mind. When you have the same goal in mind there can be some give and take to reach mutual agreement. The problem we have not is the two sides don't have the same goal. The democrats have the goal of destroying the foundation upon which this country was built and establishing a socialist-democratic state where wealth is taken from the producers and given to the moochers. When your adversary has that as the goal...there can be no compromise.

Compromising with the democrats is like feeding steak to an alligator and thinking you are going to turn him into a vegetarian.

Too bad we can't have a Conservative third party, but that is just not possible with our system as it exists today. The best we can do is to continue to work from the bottom up and get representatives and senators in office with the same principles as we have...Sen Cruz is a great example as are the others named above. We can start by getting rid of Graham and the junior senator from Geogia.

soapy_725 06/30/13 - 08:54 am
We do not have a two party system. The "platform" is the same.

Get reelected. Get reelected. Become a millionaire. Become a millionaire. Increase the size of government. Diminish individual citizen's rights.

faithson 06/30/13 - 10:18 am
marion williams comes to mind...

yea, thats what we need... bombastic, I have something to say, ain't goin' along politicians... ole Cruz fits the mold perfectly. go for it, but please remember what you asked for when NOTHING gets done... which is of course the intent of these narcisstic personalities.

t3bledsoe 06/30/13 - 05:36 pm
Nuts in the fruit cake

I have said it before, "The best friend the Democrats have in Congress is The Tea Party !" I agree with this letter. The Tea Party is going one way and the rest of the moderate Republicans are trying to become a more welcomeing party !!

Darby 07/01/13 - 11:39 am
"Congressmen such as Cruz, Gowdy,

and Wilson seem to be few and far between."

I really like that guy Wilson. He's like the character on Warehouse 13, who can quickly spot a liar when so many others are taken in.

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