Paul Broun is best choice

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As U.S. Senate candidates make their way to Augusta and media pundits and political intellectuals tell us who “can” and “can’t” win, only one candidate represents the American ideals and freedoms that our Founders guaranteed: U.S. Rep. Paul Broun.

During his almost six years in the U.S. House, Broun has honored his campaign promises and stood for states’ rights and individual liberty – which at times translated to standing alone, but he took a stand for us, as is his sworn duty. He honored his word in 21st-century Congress.

One of Broun’s primary contests was perhaps the most deplorable in political history, yet he handled the lies and vile accusations hurled his way with class and dignity. Another primary challenger chided Broun for not passing enough legislation that he sponsored. Good! We have more than enough laws and government edicts that have taken the place of freedoms and rights. I do know that Broun vehemently opposed the Obama-Pelosi radical agenda at every turn, which is more than can be said of other alleged conservative Republicans.

We must send Broun to the Senate. We need him now more than ever to be honest. U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss voted to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; voted for the “bailout;” supports amnesty for criminals, i.e., illegal aliens; and paved the way for a radical former Planned Parenthood state director to ascend to a federal judgeship. In other words, he voted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s wishes.

I cannot envision Broun contemplating doing any of these things. I can envision him standing firm for conservative constitutional values as he has done for close to six years. Think of what a senator does: vote on Cabinet nominations, Supreme Court nominees, lower federal court nominees and treaties; and serve as a juror during impeachment trials. Folks, we need Broun in the Senate.

If you want to vote in the primary for one of those moderate, go-along-get-along types the media force-feeds to us, go ahead. But when thousands of true conservative and libertarian voters do not vote for your “safe” moderate nominee next November, please do not whine if Reid gains another ally. We have a tremendous opportunity to send exactly what Georgia and the entire nation needs to the upper chamber for a full six-year term. Let’s not blow it.

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burninater 06/27/13 - 08:29 pm
RMSHEFF, there seem to be two

RMSHEFF, there seem to be two aspects of this you are misunderstanding:

1) There is a clear scientific consensus that the earth is heating, and that the burning of fossil fuels is at least a contributing factor. We don't need 10 more years of data on this. The data is already, to a supermajority of the scientific community, clear.

2) The implementation of policy guided by our understanding of AGW is NOT limited to Obama administration policy.

You seem to be married to this idea that if we acknowledge the idea that possible future economic disruptions due to AGW should be considered, that suddenly we have written President Obama a blank check for him to implement any and all secret agenda policy he chooses. This is blatantly preposterous.

Let's get past the idea that acknowledging AGW suddenly opens the gates to Socialist-Death-to-America Hell, and start dealing as rational people with the potentially serious issue of climate response to greenhouse gases.

That is all the supermajority of the scientific community, and the people who are looking at climate data objectively, are asking.

RMSHEFF 06/27/13 - 08:55 pm

There is a clear scientific consensus that is is not a big deal....not an emergency....not a crisis. If this is true why did Obama say this is his number one priority? He is concerned that the scientific tide is turn against his radical solutions for a problem that is no big deal. His window of opportunity is closing. If he is to inflict additional economic pain on America he must act now through the EPA. The mask is coming off the entire Obama administration. Also there is no evidence that man could effect any change in the outcome.

Darby 06/29/13 - 02:33 pm
"Funny how AG Holder, who was first

appointed to a federal position by Ron Reagan, has become the Right's Boogeyman."

Meaning what, exactly?? Reagan certainly didn't make him Attorney General did he?

Benedict Arnold was a highly decorated war hero, wounded in action and recovering from said wounds when he sold out to the British.

People change; people have a way of hiding who they really are.

Because Reagan appointed the now confirmed liar and Obama minion to a lower level position of trust, should we all fall in line now, more than 30 years later and embrace his duplicity??

I certainly don't see anything funny about Holder. What he's doing with the trust given him is about as amusing as a brain aneurysm.

Right is right and wrong is still wrong. Doesn't really matter what happened so long ago.

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