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I am a concerned citizen and member of the community who would like to see the city become smoke-free in all establishments.

I have a personal connection to this. I lost 25 percent of my lung capacity from secondhand smoke exposure working in bars and restaurants while I was in college. Many college students work in these establishments because the hours are flexible enough to work around their busy school schedules.

Others in the community would love to have the chance to visit some of the great bars we have in our town but just can’t because of health concerns, or just the fact that they don’t want to deal with all the smoke.

I urge the city leaders to make our city’s bars smoke-free to give everyone a chance at having a more healthy environment to work in and enjoy as a patron. One never goes wrong working to protect the health and safety of all the citizens of their community.

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dichotomy 06/23/13 - 10:26 am
Oh Quit Whining.

And I urge the letter writer to quit whining, recognize that 25% or more of the people still use a perfectly legal product and that business owners should have the right to establish SMOKERS ONLY bars and restaurants.

What....are you afraid that the smokers would have "some of the great bars" and non-smoking bars would be like drinking in a grave yard?

Nobody can come up with a legal reason or logical reason why there could not be SMOKERS ONLY bars and restaurants that are owned, operated, staffed, and patronized by smokers. So in our intolerant, crusading, Taliban style society we will probably decide to just cut their heads off and be done with it.

If they do this I think the smokers should go back to the Prohibition days and start opening some of those backroom, smoke filled, unlicensed, non-tax paying speak easys where you had to knock on the door and be known in order to get in. The owners would probably make a fortune. And ALL of the in-crowd non-smokers would be trying to get in because they would be the most fun places in town.

Gage Creed
Gage Creed 06/23/13 - 02:09 pm
After reading this LTE, I'm

After reading this LTE, I'm certain I've lost 25% of my cognitive function as I have been exposed to second hand whining....

Dixieman 06/25/13 - 09:16 am
Whine whine whine

You made your choices now man up and accept the consequences. The world does NOT owe you an annoyance-free life. Found your own bar/restaurant with your own smoking policies and quit trying to impose your wimpy values on the rest of us.

corgimom 06/25/13 - 07:12 pm
There IS a legal reason,

There IS a legal reason, Dichotomy, and that is that an employer is not allowed to expose workers to carcinogens without appropriate protection.

An employer is obligated to provide a safe place for workers and to provide them with a well-ventilated workplace.

Your attitude of "stop whining" is inappropriate.

Because if it's ok to expose a worker to cigarette smoke, then it's ok to expose them to all other fumes and carcinogens.

Hey, wait, I think there are laws that says that's illegal. How about that.

Dichotomy, how comfortable would you be with your family being exposed to carcinogens as part of their employment? You wouldn't be too happy about it, would you?

dstewartsr 06/25/13 - 09:44 pm
I lost 25% of my

short term memory reading that drivel. And if you let me use the same questionable methods the advocacy researchers used on secondhand smoke, I can prove it "scientifically."

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