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I wholeheartedly salute Frank Roberson, superintendent of the Richmond County school system, for the way he handled two conflicts recently. When confronted, he showed true and courageous leadership.

According to a June 5 Augusta Chronicle article, PTA President Monique Braswell demanded an apology and wanted her name cleared in a bank account controversy. Roberson said “that he never accused Braswell of stealing money and does not owe her an apology,” and he is “man enough to apologize, if an apology were in order.”

In a June 6 article, Roberson told a protest leader, the Rev. Franklin Victor Beckles, that he had no evidence that verifies any of his claims and no reasons to discipline Copeland Elementary School Principal Kimberly Davis. Roberson also told Beckles that he would not tolerate anyone slandering his employees without proof.

I first met Roberson in 1977 when I was principal at Tubman Junior High School, and he was a student at Paine College. He was assigned to do his teaching internship at Tubman. I was very impressed with the young Roberson because he displayed outstanding character, integrity, enthusiasm, compassion and a great work ethic. He did exceptionally well with the students and was admired immensely by the staff.

As the years passed, I followed his career and academic achievements, and was quite elated when he was named superintendent.

We are very fortunate to have Roberson lead our public school system. In ample time, we will see system-wide progress and increased academic achievement.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.


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soapy_725 06/17/13 - 06:59 am
This is why were are failing our children.

Probably a good man by today's standards. But unqualified except for his skin color. The Truth hurts. But lying perpetuate the insanity. Consciously incompetent is not a reason to award a leadership position. Skin color is in ARC. Black people could care less about MLK's dream. The government free ride is a much more palatable dream with no personal responsibility. So the purchased votes continue.

Equal opportunity beget Affirmative Action beget forced quotas beget the end of our once productive civilized society.

dichotomy 06/17/13 - 09:30 am
I'm not as optimistic as you.

I'm not as optimistic as you. He has been there a while and the only thing I see is more useless administrative staff. And since GA changed the evaluation system to a "we will evaluate ourselves" and "less testing" system we will never know if there is improvement. I think the educators are back to the "give 'em all a PASS and pat ourselves on the back" system.

Young Fred
Young Fred 06/17/13 - 03:51 pm
Like dichotomy, I'm highly

Like dichotomy, I'm highly skeptical. Any person rising to the level of superintendent in a county the size of Richmond, has years of experience in educracy, basically being ruined, indoctrinated, and showing a willingness to "tow the company line".

BUT, it sounds like this guy may have a pair, and that's a good thing.

dichotomy, our public education system is like a vast glacier. It could take years of hard work to make even a noticeable difference.

internationallyunknown 06/17/13 - 08:43 pm
He may be great...

...but those making the real decisions downtown need to be replaced.

Q: Who suffers the most?
A: The children.

Young Fred
Young Fred 06/18/13 - 12:22 am

since when is the "children's best interest" ever, I mean ever cosidered?

seenitB4 06/18/13 - 07:42 am
Oh what a laugh this a,m

The childrens best interest...hah..NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

mrsbras 06/19/13 - 09:59 pm
What makes him so great. A

What makes him so great. A great man would owe up to his wrong. What makes the writer of this article so great when talking about how wonderful he is you don't have to use other people cases to make him look great. Please use your own experiences with him. I was the first person to defend him. He is not the one ruining this system it's the board members and not all board members he is just trying to save his job. I will say this him trying to save his job is not putting our children first.Cant support the dumb decisions he has made in the last eight months .

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