Responsibility is absent

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It does not take one long to realize that the days of Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman are long gone and not to be repeated. An observation of the current executive branch would lead one to believe all its members were dipped into a large vat of Teflon, as nothing seems to stick.

I am a retired U.S. Army veteran with more than 41 years of military and civilian service, and one thing I learned early on in my career is that one can delegate authority, but not responsibility! The commander or person in charge always remains responsible for the actions, good or bad, that occur on his watch. That is, except in the current administration, in which no one seems to take responsibility – from the Black Panther voting precinct fiasco, to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, to the AP/Rosen situation, to the IRS targeting of conservative groups, to what now appears to be another scandal in the Environmental Protection Agency!

Yet, has anyone had the integrity or character to accept responsibility, from Attorney General Eric “I Don’t Know” Holder, to the clueless IRS commissioners or the one most responsible of all, President Barack “I Learned It from the News” Obama?

Imagine that – the president has no clue what is happening within the branch of government for which he is personally responsible. Does he ever hold Cabinet meetings? Does he ever talk to his department heads? Does he do anything but accept the kudos for what may be done right?

I am appalled at the lack of personal responsibility, integrity and character exhibited by those holding such high offices! It speaks poorly of each person and, most importantly, shows the rampant corruption that exists within the executive branch of government.

It appears that Chicago-type politics has invaded Washington. What an embarrassment!

Robert B. Dandridge

Wagener, S.C.

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deestafford 06/14/13 - 07:28 am
Excellent letter

obama likes being president but doesn't want to do the president things. By that I mean he likes the trappings, adoration, perks, and power; but, he refuses to accept the responsibility of the job.

He uses the power of the presidency to advance his left wing agenda and this is shown by each appointment he makes is that of a leftist/statist. He allows nothing to slow down his commitment to "fundamentally change this country".

When you look at how he does the job of being president (and it appears he doesn't consider it a job...something he has never really had) you will see his lack of leadership background in how he selects people for positions who fail to keep him informed, unwillingness to accept accountability,and failure to hold regular cabinet meetings just to cite a few examples.

nofanofobama 06/14/13 - 08:35 am
the reason why the white

the reason why the white house tours were ended was not because of sequester cuts..after all we have millions for obama's family vacations, white house so called cultural events for his entertainment and his buddies..its just the culture of obumlers that they learned in chicago...afterall a community organizer has to rally the populace against a percieved boogey the tea party, business etcc.then when caught , blame them again..keep repeating it and keep denying it..just like the so called sequester cuts***fact is those in power like in chicago dont like the little guys...thats why the obumlers used the cuts to quit the white house tours..its their house and we dont belong in their house and we arent wanted..elite white house partie no problems, white house tours..cant afford it..chicago politics is not just corrupt but its also class conscious and arrogant..and you cant question them** so how dare you. even if you have oversight powers. so i dont know, i dont recall , is really translated none of your business!

RMSHEFF 06/14/13 - 08:58 am
I my opinion this lack of

I my opinion this lack of responsibility is the most amazing thing Obama has been able to do. He is seen by the low information voters as a president on the outside looking in at all the problems we have in America. He is the one that is mad about all of the bad thing happening in Washington and he is the one "trying" day in and day out to correct all of these problems. In reality it is his policies and decisions that are the cause of these problems. This same scenario will play out once again when ObamaCare implodes. Even though it is 100% his plan, forced on America, he will be seen as upset at the failure and will be the knight in armor who is trying to clean up the mess.

allhans 06/14/13 - 02:08 pm
It is plain to that he

It is plain to that he doesn't have the same fascination with his fans as they have toward him. And The Race Issue....HAH! Is any body so easily fooled that they believe Obama puts himself on the same level as a mere human?

Darby 06/15/13 - 11:31 am
All his life he's had everything given to him

without having to work for it. Now that he's wormed his way into the top job, there's nothing left for anyone to give.

There's no one up above to reach down and pull him up to the next level.

Now it's simply a matter of those below, propping him up for the next three years.

He represents a most classic example of the "Peter principle"

This guy proved the principle and reached his personal level of incompetence as an Chicago community organizer. Unfortunately, no one seemed to notice.

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