The math is frightening

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After 30 years of production management and seven years of being a paraprofessional in three elementary schools, my general observation of elementary education is represented by the following school model:

It is my observation that typically, three students out of a 24-student classroom disrupt the teaching/learning process by about a total of 10 minutes per hour, dropping the process efficiency to 83 percent.

Assuming one elementary school with 24 academic classroom teachers and 24 students per classroom, the total teaching hours lost per day is 24.

The total all-student learning hours lost per day is 576.

In a 180-day school year, the annual teaching hours lost is 4,320.

The total all-student learning lost due to student disruptions is 103,680 hours!

There are about 67,000 public elementary schools in America. If only 20 percent of them have this problem, think about the hours lost. Wow!

Aside from the normal curve of competency found in vocations, I do not fault the classroom teacher. On the contrary, teachers, in general, seem very competent, and they would love a solution to this problem.

If, collectively, education professors, politicians, state school boards, local school boards and school administrators would create directed elementary school cultures that correct the broken thinking syntax of the disrupters, this problem would become insignificant.

I do not see this happening. I think I will go hide.

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deestafford 06/06/13 - 12:04 am
Liberals are always talking about "It's for the children"

when they do something such as "mainstream" certain children. Granted it makes the child and the parents feel good (which is a goal of the left) but consideration is not given to the effect it has on the other students in the class. I know the situation is tough on the child and the parents, and I will appear to be heartless for saying this, certain children should not be mainstreamed at the expense of the majority.

The other problem facing the teachers and staff is the disruption by a total lack of discipline in the children and the inability of the teachers to discipline them. Administrators either have their hands tied or they are afraid to have "bad" numbers and as a result leave the thugs in the classroom totally destroying the learning environment of the others who want to learn.

Yesterday, I saw a video about the discipline problems in the Philadelphia schools. In one portion it showed a teacher who had lunchroom duty saying she dreaded it because of the daily fights that went on. Then it showed the lunchroom an hour or so later and one would have thought one was watching a prison riot. Things were totally out of control with fights. This school had police officers there as part of the permanent staff and seemed to make little difference.

Until something is done about the culture where the out of wedlock birth rate is above 60%, multiple daddies for multiple children of one woman, and the absence of male role models in the home, the situation is going to get worse.

It appears that the local schools are trying to do some things to solve the problem with the alternative school but I would venture it takes many instances of bad behavior over a period of time before a thug is sent to the alternative school. It should be the first offense gets a warning and the second offense is to the choice is alternative school or kicked out of school all together.

If one looks at the background of the disciplinary problem children one would most likely find a single parent. The over whelming majority of prisoners come from single parent families and the lack of punishment from wrong doing started in the school system.

Too many people expect the government to raise their children and they take no responsilbilty for them as evident by relying on the schools to provide two and sometimes three meals a day for their children.

ymnbde 06/06/13 - 07:37 am
why are people so willing to sit in the back of the bus?

rich people have school choice but the poor are denied
and most government schools block the paths to becoming doctors or lawyers or engineers... really, let the guvmint do a disparity study on how many alumni from each school are doctors
i guess it isn't as bad as separate water fountains
nor is it worse than the back of the bus
cause you still drink, and you still get to where you're going
school choice is the only way out

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 06/06/13 - 08:36 am
Directed Cultures


If, collectively, education professors, politicians, state school boards, local school boards and school administrators would create directed elementary school cultures that correct the broken thinking syntax of the disrupters, this problem would become insignificant.

There are some people just born mean. No amount of “directed culture” can change their bent to evil. Society has survived with these mean people since civilation began; and we will muddle through somehow until Armegeddon.

Bureaucratic “direction” will not “correct the broken thinking syntax of the disrupters” no matter how well intended.

Fiat_Lux 06/06/13 - 08:47 am
Same old whine

If parents don't teach a child how to act in public, how to sit still and listen and how to respond appropriately to leadership and authority, then it is just as improbable that they would teach that child how important getting an education is for their future prosperity.

Public school children are becoming doctors at the rate that private and home schooled children are for one simple fact: children who cause trouble are not tolerated in private/home school settings.

When the people who genuinely want something better for their children than what they get in most public schools, then they will do what it takes to get them in private schools, home school them or do all they can to rid this country of the idiots in government and teaching lobbies that have ruined public education in the United States.

The bottom line is that moral and social standards were banished in the rush to make everyone "feel good about themselves", in the beyond twit-brained theory that removing unpleasant consequences for bad behavior, lack of discipline and laziness would somehow lead to greater personal motivation and a positive outlook for students.

One can only marvel that the people who created this mess, at least the ones who haven't already gone on to their eternal reward, have not stepped up and shouted for all to hear, "THIS WAS A VERY BAD IDEA!"

deestafford 06/06/13 - 12:01 pm
Well, if they are kicked out of school the ones who want

to learn will have a chance to without the bad apples spoiling the rest of the barrel. Also, when one is kicked out of school all access to any government, tax payer support assistance should be denied. They would no longer be able to ride in the moocher wagon that is being pulled by the producers. People have to learn that they made their choices and they must live with them. That is one of today's problem---people not having to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions because there seems to be this idea that no one is suppose to suffer. Hog wash!

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