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I would like to respond to the recent letter I received in the mail from Augusta Solid Waste Director Mark Johnson.

To begin with, the letter had my address but someone else’s name on it. I’ve lived there for 22 years and that has never happened when the county sends out the tax bills for the year.

The letter tells us about the service enhancements of the new “Cleaner, Greener, Smarter” program that begins in June. One Enhancement is one-day-a-week pickup instead of the current two for garbage.

Another “enhancement” is new community events such as neighborhood clean-ups, educational programs and volunteer litter collections.

I don’t know about most people, but I don’t need to be educated about garbage pickup, nor am I going to be a volunteer for any litter collections; that’s what I pay $310.50 a year for.

And tire collections will be done at community events! They actually used an exclamation point to emphasize this service, which we will no longer receive.

The one enhancement they must have forgotten to tell us about is the reduced rate that we will receive for the reduced pickups, no tire service and, of course, the volunteer litter collections.

The county has been talking about reducing the services for a while, and has finally done it by inventing a new program and calling it a “service enhancement.” Same price, just half the services.

Louie Hale


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bubbasauce 05/30/13 - 07:05 am
People, get used to this. The

People, get used to this. The government can't do anything right and you expect good service?! Blame it on sequestration. That seems to be the answer to everything these days.

bubbasauce 05/30/13 - 07:07 am
I almost forgot, put a little

I almost forgot, put a little sugar and cream on that green stuff, might just make it taste better!

Bulldog 05/30/13 - 08:51 am
Unfortunate Reality

The service cut which the county has tried so hard to "sugar coat" is just one of the unfortunate realities that is a consequence of the continued deterioration of our tax base. The reasons for this continued demise are legion and have been discussed ad nauseum already. However, control of crime and the perception of crime is a very large component in the mix.

dichotomy 05/30/13 - 09:43 am
Our missing pick-up day went

Our missing pick-up day went to buy Mark Johnson his Compressed Natural Gas empire; the collection mechanism, the gas station where he will sell his product to his captive customers, and to subsidize the new CNG trucks the haulers had to buy. It's a sweet deal....for Mark Johnson. Not so sweet for the property owners who got screwed with double the going rate for half the service. Not to mention losing the tire collection and I still do not know what's up with the former "once a week bulk", anything pickup.

Notice they never mention where the revenue from the CNG sales will go. I assure you, the revenue will not go back to the customers who paid for Mark Johnson's empire. They will not be used to lower our garbage fees. And I am sure our commissioners will not use the revenue to lower our property taxes.

This is just another money grab.....just like the force rezoning of the land in South Richmond County......just like the coming RAIN TAX. It's a money grab.

Won't be long until they see the same things we had prior to mandatory trash collection. Instead of paying for an extra container and paying for a "special" pickup, a lot of people will be throwing their extra trash, old appliances, furniture, and mattresses in the ditches in the rural parts of the county. And you know what....they asked for it.

yesiwill 05/30/13 - 03:44 pm
your rates are now correct

Actually your low rates have been subsidized by other taxes. Now you are actually getting what you pay for. Stop whining.

KSL 05/30/13 - 10:36 pm
yesiwill. We have been paying for private pickup for years.

I don't live in Richmond Co, but I seriously doubt your statement with good reason.We have been paying for private pickup for years.

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