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Let me start by saying I hate smoking and tobacco use in general. I have lost my mother, father, step-father and a brother to cancers related in one way or another to their tobacco use.

Having said that, let me say that something I hate even more is a bunch of do-gooders trying to use the power of government to take away another person’s rights.

This issue is all about freedom of choice (emphasis mine). Government, which is already way too intrusive in our lives every day, has no business to take away one person’s rights just because some other person is too lazy or not willing to be responsible for their own wellbeing to make their own choice.

If you do not want to be in that nasty, stinky, disgusting environment, then you should choose to stay out! No one is forcing you to do something against your will or your rights. You are free to choose what you believe is in your best interest and to do, or not do, whatever you want. You do not have the right to deny anyone else the same right or to force someone else to choose the same way you do.

As for the young lady being used as a pawn in the do-gooders’ television ad in a pathetic attempt to drum up public support for their naked attempt to deny others their rights, you chose to ask that business owner for a job – a job you knew would put you in that environment. That was your choice. If you now have decided that you do not choose to continue to work in that environment, then the right thing for you to do is to give your notice and leave. Shame on you for being a pawn in this un-American power grab by these misguided, perhaps well-intended, trouble makers.

Life is all about choices and consequences. In America we are supposed to be free to make our own choices as long as we are ready to accept the consequences. That’s the way it used to be in America. That is rapidly fading in the distance of time as people and groups think they know better what’s good for you and deny you the right to make your own choices.

Stephen T. Snowberger


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Ms.Anthrope 05/25/13 - 11:47 pm
privately owned buildings ....

have more rights that personally owned bodies.....?
Conservatives want to ban a female's choice of having an abortion or taking contraceptives/morning-after pill. Why do they think they can tell a female what she can or cannot do with her body? Doesn't she have a right to decide what she does with her body? Conservatives want to ban same-sex marriages. Why do they think they are justified in denying civil-contract rights to these people? And do people have a right to affordable health-care insurance and affordable health-care services?
Do you want someone micromanaging your life/body?
in GOP we trust............

myfather15 05/26/13 - 08:23 am
@Ms. Anthrope

Who is denying civil rights to anyone? They have the same ability to marry as ANYONE ELSE. I can't marry a person of the same sex either, it's equal accross the board. The law doesn't single out homosexuals; it simple defines legal marriage as between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN; the way NATURE intended it; hence procreation; which is NEEDED for the existence of human race.

Then you compare smoking to murder? Yes, "Womens HEALTH" is a nice disguise for MURDER; it shouldn't work but obvioulsy does because liberals are destroying the morals of our society.

Ms.Anthrope 05/26/13 - 09:08 am

Male/female couples who have no children and never intended to have children.... what is their entitlement to marriage?..... they are not procreating.... And also, male/female couples who are too old to have children.... they should not be granted the "right" to have a marriage.
My post is about various "rights" that republicans want to control. People are incensed when the government steps in and tells them that they must make their privately owned establishment smoke-free. However, republicans think they are entitled to control/micromanage people's personal lives and bodies -- as to mandate they be pregnant when they do not wish to be or mandate who they may have emotional connections with or even the end-of-life decisions they might wish to make . I am sure this is all incomprehensible to you, though.
..... in GOP we trust ...........

bumblebeerose 05/26/13 - 12:59 pm
This is just to funny

I have a few questions
1. Are there any bars left in Augusta that you can smoke in?
2. Any restaurants in Augusta that you can smoke in?

Now I am a smoker I know you can not smoke in Public Buildings which does not bother me. That has been that way for a long time and really should be.

Some companies will not hire you if you are a smoker and some will not allow you smoke on their property which is fine with me. That is there choice and if you work there you have to follow there rules.

I personally do not like a room full of smoke so I just do not go where it is at.

People need to use there brains if they have any and just stay out of places that do not suit them and stop being butt heads about it.

Leave smokers alone, if you want clean air that bad I guess we need to ban all cars, trucks, factories and everything else in this world that makes smoke.

I know this will make a lot of people mad but get over it.

oldredneckman96 05/27/13 - 02:53 pm

Everyone has a right to walk down a sidewalk without being poisoned. Anyone should be able to enter a public building without being poisoned. Any business that advertises for customers is a pubic place, even when privately owned. Second hand smoke is a poison. These are facts that a smoker’s addictions will cause them to argue against, but they will loose either to tobacco by death or to the public by law.

MTBer 05/27/13 - 07:33 pm
I quit!

Going to the Waffle House on Exit One, I-20, years ago, that is. Got tired of smoke being blown over my shoulder as I tried to eat my grits and eggs (over easy). Have no idea whether they allow smoking any longer, or whether they joined the 20th century and banned it. I rarely eat out, but I make darn sure that I don't deal with that filth if I do.

Just sayin'

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