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I think President Obama has erred gravely in his leadership regarding terrorists, which goes back to Libya, where our people were left to die. It emboldened our enemies around the world and here at home.

One of the most egregious errors was giving Miranda rights to enemy combatants. Our Constitution was written to protect and guide the United States. It doesn’t govern outsiders – which brings me to the bombing in Boston.

I don’t know if the younger brother had the forethought to become a naturalized citizen, where he would be afforded rights under the Constitution instead of being sent to Guantanamo Bay if caught. It makes no sense otherwise if he was going to kill people he took an oath to be loyal to. If that was the case, his rights and citizenship should be revoked.

Also, Obama’s idea to close Gitmo puts the citizens of our country in danger.

If I were a terrorist with nothing to lose and was put into a prison with people of like minds, I would build an army within. Imagine: You have all day long to plot and plan a takeover. You know that every prison has an armory. It wouldn’t take long to see the weakness in the enemies’ daily routine. If coordinated around the country, there would be a formidable army to break out into society and tear this country in half. Also, Obama’s idiotic quest to destroy the Second Amendment would leave everyone vulnerable.

We should implement, as a deterrent, a new law that automatically gives the death penalty to terrorists. There should also be a maximum two-year appeal process, which stops years of living on death row at the taxpayer’s expense.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.

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myfather15 04/27/13 - 09:04 pm

Lets just straighten out a few things.

#1: "Frequent Viewers of Fox News Are Less Like to Accept Scientists' Views of Global Warming."

Actually, this isn't true. We are just less likely to believe RADICAL LEFTISTS Scientists views of global warming. I DO believe the hundreds if not thousands of scientists (Which do have the degree by the way); which state global warming is a myth.

#2: "More exposure to Fox News was associated with more rejection of many mainstream scientists' claims"

Don't you just absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lefts word games. The most important word in this entire statement was MAINSTREAM. Because the the left, you're only mainstream if you completely, 100% believe and support global warming. Otherwise, you're a crackpot scientist.

I could sit here and rip apart every single example you've provided, but I'm tire and going to bed.

BUT, in closing I will just sum up the liberal mindset:

We are smarter than you. If you don't believe as we believe, you're not a critical thinker. If you're a scientist and don't believe in global warming, you're a crackpot and your right to practice your profession should be revoked immediately. All people who believe different than us, should just accept that we are higher beings, more intelligent critical thinkers, higher educated. You lesser persons should just sit back and let us run the world and enjoy the benefits of the great society we create.

To basically sum up the liberal mindset in one sentence it would go like this:

"We are absolutely awesome in everything we do and you guys suck!!'

RMSHEFF 04/27/13 - 09:46 pm
Did you notice all faithson's

Did you notice all faithson's sources were from academia . The center of the "liberal marxist universe"

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