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Members of the “Jaguar Nation” received a note from the athletic director of Georgia Regents University Augusta recently. It announces the issuing of a “formal Code of Conduct” for “fans, boosters and supporters.”

I want to apologize to GRU for my lack of “proper conduct.” Being senior citizens, my friends and I need GRU to tell us how to behave in a proper manner at basketball games and other athletic events.

I wonder if there will be a formal code of dress. The president’s cookout at the amphitheater is “dressy casual.” If I didn’t have GRU to tell me that, I would have not connected “dressy” with “cookout.” I wonder: If we show up at the next game with our ASU shirts on, will we violate the code of dress from the people in charge of – well, everything?

“As we transition into Georgia Regents University athletic season,” the note said, the official Code of Conduct will be issued. I can’t wait to read mine. I also want to thank the powers that be for the warning: “Let this reminder serve as a formal request for your adherence to our expectations.”

What will happen if the commoners do not live up to the University System Board of Regents’ expectations?

Honestly, at the basketball games we have a few rowdy folks, but the fans are good sports. There is the “put ’em away” favorite cheer or “terrible ref, terrible,” but that’s about as bad as it gets. The new code will spell out the expectations, and we will know how to act so as not to embarrass the university. If we do, they might Photoshop us right on out of the gym.

And by the way, Mayor Deke Copenhaver’s and the commissioners’ “mills plan” sounds great to me and my rowdy, rough alumni friends.

Catherine Rutland

North Augusta, S.C.

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nfossboss 04/22/13 - 10:24 am

I, too, got a warning letter signed by the Athletic Director. I assume he got my name from my Jaguar Club membership--which cost $60.00, or maybe from the seat I purchased for $25.00. Oh wait, I know, it must be from the money I paid to "Meet the basketball players" fund raiser. Being a senior citizen, I fear the repercussions if I wear my Jaguar Basketball shirt--cost $15.00, or yell too loudly. I hope that they don't confiscate my cane!

Fiat_Lux 04/22/13 - 09:30 pm
You do realize, don't you

that the people who think this stupid nonsense up and then have the short-sightedness to send it out don't have a clue how insulting they are?

Of course, the fact that almost none of them grew up around here or anywhere within hundreds of miles should be enough explanation for their social ineptitude.

It was kind of nice, wasn't it, when they still thought we were too stupid and too backward to bother with. Now we represent dollar signs since so much of the rest of the country is on its back. We are just way too free and sold out on being individuals to suit this crowd of nanny state lovers.

prov227 04/22/13 - 09:10 pm
And the hits ...

just keep on coming. This is what you get with Jaguar Club membership?

KSL 04/23/13 - 09:42 pm
Too bad they can't tell Azziz how

Too bad they can't tell Azziz how to behave.

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