Hospitality 'world-class'

Our family had a first-time-ever experience of winning the opportunity to acquire tickets to Wednesday’s practice round at the 2013 Masters Tournament!

What an adventure! We met in Atlanta and spent a few days touring parts of Georgia and South Carolina. At noon April 8, while enjoying a sidewalk lunch on your Broad Street, I admitted to the other three family members that I couldn’t remember getting tickets, and this event surely was too large for everyone to approach a will-call window. We found the Augusta Visitor Center in the downtown history museum, and a true angel, Toni Seals-Johnson, took us under her wing, called the Masters office, confirmed our identities and that we truly had tickets purchased. On Wednesday, we walked into a full day of splendor and oohs and ahs at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Your entire city and area offered world-class hospitality. You bet we’re hoping to return – soon and often. Thanks for the memories.


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