Sanford isn't only cheater

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This in no way condones the behavior of former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, but what a hypocritical opinion piece The Augusta Chronicle has written (“Where do you draw the line?” April 10).

While the paper has no difficulty in crucifying Mr. Sanford, The Chronicle chooses not to write an editorial piece – which it should do this week – about the behavior of Tiger Woods, who, by his own admission, while married, had many, many sexual encounters with women other than his wife – because he could. Instead we see articles in the media about Mr. Woods and how wonderful it is to have him back in the game, his standing in the world of golf, etc., etc., etc.

Mr. Woods is a terrible role model to everyone, from children to adults, as a male, a father and a husband. Whether or not he has any skill at the game of golf, his behavior was despicable – but you choose not to write an editorial about that this week, when Mr. Woods is so visible. I guess the money Mr. Woods brings into Augusta makes his sins less sinful than those of Mr. Sanford, in your opinion.

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Ozymandias 04/12/13 - 05:07 am
The difference being Tiger

The difference being Tiger Woods is a private citizen who plays a sport not an elected official as former Gov. Mark Sanford was at the time of his troubles. Those who serve the public should be held up to a higher standard.

Rhetor 04/12/13 - 05:48 am

No, Mr. Sanford is not the only bad role model out there. He's just one of the silliest. Bravo for the ACES--standing up for conservative values even though they needed to criticize a leading conservative in order to do so.

Riverman1 04/12/13 - 07:07 am
Lots more pro golfers have

Lots more pro golfers have had their problems with women than Tiger. Why doesn't anyone go after Tom Watson? North Carolina country boy, Billy Joe Patton, said it best when explaining why it was probably a good thing he hadn't won the Masters. He said he could handle the money and the liquor, but said he dang sure couldn't handle the "wimmen."

seenitB4 04/12/13 - 07:06 am
dang sure couldn't handle the "wimmen."

Ha hah...& not many others can either...

Women are soo attracted to fame-power-money.....just so happens the great golfers have all of that...if there was a magic pill to stem this tide..wouldn't we have found it by now..?

scoobynews 04/12/13 - 08:41 am
The women are just as guilty!

The women who had relations with Tiger were just as guilty. They knew he was married and I am sure fell into bed with little to no hestitation. Women today are just as bad as the men! As far Sanford's fiancé she needs to ask herself what kind of man is she getting. Certainly no prize and the old saying is usually true "once a cheater, always a cheater".

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 04/12/13 - 12:17 pm

Although not a passionate golf fan, even I know that when Tiger plays, everybody win$$$. Those on the course and those outside the gates, as in limo drivers, caterers, renters, you name them. Get it?!!! Now do you really think the ACES will poke their fingers in the eye of the biggest event of the year in Augusta?

Besides, Tiger knows that he cheated as I am sure he remembers each time he send alimony to his ex. The whole world knows he cheated. What is the point of throwing it in the public's face? To stop other would be cheaters or to make some feel high and mighty and more self-righteous?

Haki 04/12/13 - 12:42 pm
The positive is maybe ACES

The positive is maybe ACES have new readers. The negative is maybe folk have selected memories. ACES gave Mr. Woods more than their share of scrutiny over the years since his infidelities. Mr. Woods paid his price for betraying a public perception. The issue here is a public servant, ELECTED by the people as the leader of his State, decided to abandon his office for his infidelities. Again I say, it's a shame how people today will compromise their convictions. This again is a prime example of what's taking place with the Republican Party. Although, I don't agree with ACES political views, I respect their position to stand up for what is right. If I turn my back on my State, I would hope you wouldn't later send me to represent not only my State, but my country. South Carolina and the United States of America deserves better. Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise.

t3bledsoe 04/12/13 - 04:44 pm
I agree with HAKI

I agree with everything "HAKI" had to say about former Gov. Mark Sanford ! The notion that "nobody has the right to through stones" is true about talking of Mark Sanford's sins, but the people of SC nor The U.S. Congress needs to give him another chance !

Darby 04/12/13 - 05:26 pm
"The difference being Tiger Woods

is a private citizen who plays a sport not an elected official"

Then the question becomes.. Which of the two was more likely to have been a role model for your children and therefore has done more damage to their present and future likely behavior?

Get yourself a room full of ten to twelve year old kids. Ask who knows who Mark Sanford is. When the deafening silence abates, ask the same about Tiger Woods.

No, I'm sorry Ozymandias, but you are way off the mark. Yours is "difference" without a distinction.

When FDR and JFK cheated on Eleanor and Jackie, the press, right or wrong, for the good of the nation, looked the other way. When Bubba Clinton did the same thing, a fawning media celebrated his antics and created a climate whereby his behavior will be acceptable well into the foreseeable future.

Regrettably, no one really expects to elect politicians with high morals today.

The same low standard may be evolving for sports figures, but it begs the question; Does it have to be that way?

We can't change the way these sleaze-bags behave but we CAN influence the way our children view them.

If we don't, then the onus is with us.

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