Palestinians refuse peace

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Having toured Israel in the past and having been a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, I can vouch for the accuracy of the articulate and well-reasoned analysis of syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer in his March 30 column “Obama changes position: What really happened in Jerusalem.”

Krauthammer is right on the mark. It certainly speaks volumes about the Palestinian mind-set when the Palestinian parent most admired in that society is a woman who actively encouraged her three sons to kill themselves in suicide attacks on Israelis, then is elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The Palestinians’ absurd claim that the Israeli settlements are the main obstacle to peace is merely a convenient excuse to avoid negotiations, and is without merit. Time after time after time, the Palestinian leadership has ignored and walked away from Israeli peace overtures – most recently in 2000 at Camp David, in 2001 at Taba and 2008 when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered a Palestinian state on the West Bank with its capital being a shared Jerusalem. When Israel implemented a 10-month settlement freeze, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas balked.

What did all these Israeli overtures have in common? A foe who was more interested in retaining Israel as a scapegoat for its internal problems than in molding a better future for its own people. Until the Palestinian people insist on a forward-thinking leadership that condemns violence as being a legitimate tool and recognizes Israel’s right to exist, it doesn’t matter what Israel offers. It will never be enough.

As the late great Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once so eloquently put it in a speech to the National Press Club, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

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Jon Lester
Jon Lester 04/03/13 - 02:42 am
A lack of Palestinian good faith is beside the point

that no United States citizen owes any modicum of support for an ethnocentric and (effectively) apartheid regime. How did segregation work out for us?

Bodhisattva 04/03/13 - 06:00 am
Sort of like the Native

Sort of like the Native Americans "refused peace" when we continuously stole their land. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is better known as AIPAC. A foreign country's political action committee that tries to buy and influence US elections.

ymnbde 04/03/13 - 06:01 am
14th century minds can't cope

and won't cooperate, with the modern world.
Hatred of Jews should not be tolerated, yet it is.
And the ignorance displayed about the palestinians true goals should not be tolerated, yet it is.
As illustrated by the previous poster, who doesn't know the difference between separate water fountains, and the holocaust.
A wonderful, brave, and true letter.
As goes Israel, goes the civilized world.

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 04/03/13 - 08:56 am
Funny how someone brings up

Funny how someone brings up the Native Americans, when they imply that the Jews have no right to be in Israel.....the the person bringing up the Natives, refuses to leave. It's the acme of liberal hypocrisy.

deestafford 04/03/13 - 09:48 am
Excellent letter and right on point

Most people don't know that the Israeli parliment has Arabs in it as elected representatives. How many Israelis are in any of the Palestinian parliment? Oopps, there is no palestinian parliment. There are Arabs in Israel who are Israeli citizens with all the rights thereof. Is there anything like that in any Arab country? Don't believe so.
There is no such thing as a Palestinian race, language, or culture. They are Arabs. As a matter of fact, Arafat was an Egyptian. The Jew were in Israel centuries before any Palestinian were there. Romans gave the name Palestine to the region as an insult to the Israelis.
Everytime there has been a "peace" effort/concession it has come from the Israelis, never from the Palestinian side. When Israel turned over Gaza to the Palestinians they left them greenhouses and agriculture faciliaties in order for them to be able to cultivate the land. What did the Palestinians do? They destroyed all of it because they wanted nothing built by Israel. What about the school system in those areas? Almost nonexistent as far as teaching anything but the Koran and anti-Israel propaganda.
As far as the Muslims having a claim to Jeruslaem goes that is false because Mohammend never went there except supposively he went there in a dream.
The Arab countries are using the Palestinians as pawns by keeping them in poverty, camps, and ignorance. If the rich Arab countries really wanted to help those people they would spend money on building cities and modern facilities; however, it does not fit the narrative of diverting attention away from the internal problems by having Israel as the enemy.
We should whole-heartedly support Israel for many reasons. It is the ONLY democratic country in the region.

Fundamental_Arminian 04/03/13 - 10:01 am
Fine Letter

Mr. Jolles has done a good job of laying out the facts; however, I'd like to see the Palestinians properly identified for what they are: Arabic Muslims.

Only a small minority of Arabs are non-Muslims today although the Middle East used to have a large number of Christians. Since Christianity dates from A.D. 33, Arabic Christians were in the Middle East about six centuries before Islam began under Muhammad in the 600s. As Islam has spread, Arabic Muslims have killed, chased off, or at least subjugated the area's Christians, while the world has turned a blind eye.

As a Christian, I greatly appreciate the religious tolerance that the Jewish state of Israel has shown to its religious minorities. Non-Jews fare a lot better in Israel than non-Muslims do in surrounding nations. The Arabic Muslims pretending to be Palestinians are the trouble-makers in the area. They intend to do in Israel what they have done to the non-Muslim Arabs in the area they call Palestine.

carcraft 04/03/13 - 08:51 pm
Excellent letter! How many

Excellent letter! How many Israelis mothers celebrate thier children blowing themselves up!

Young Fred
Young Fred 04/03/13 - 10:59 pm
It amazes me how so many are

It amazes me how so many are quick to bring up the example Native Americans when discussing the wrongs perpetrated against a particular group, while at the same time ignoring the wrongs the Native Americans perpetrated against each other.

I guess when you're making an emotional point, selective thinking is the flavor of the day.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 04/03/13 - 11:09 pm
New Day

To start nation-state building negotiations with no preconditions will be a refreshing change from the "pre-1967" demands that have soured every attempt at a step forward.

No preconditions. That is the key. The land on this side of the border is yours, the land on that side is ours. That's the way it's got to be.

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