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When it comes to our children’s education, there is always a huge debate on who is responsible for our children learning enough. Therefore, some parents have taken the option of using an online public charter school system that is free to the public to have more control and to ensure that their children are getting the best education they can provide.

Now it seems that these parents are being punished by boards of education because they have taken their kids out of the brick-and-mortar schools. These parents are being brought up on charges of truancy, negligence and deprivation because boards of education claim they have no way to monitor what the child is learning. It seems that if parents take charge of their kids’ education and can prove that their academic levels are the same, or in most cases better, then what is the problem?

With the overcrowding of classes and the lack of individual attention that teachers can provide for some of their students, wouldn’t it seem like a good thing that parents are getting more involved and alleviating some of these issues? Some of the problem stems from school boards not being familiar with how these online public schools work. Some also believe that the way things have always been done is satisfactory.

Ultimately, school boards need to be willing to accept that their way may not be the best way. I am sure there are many examples where the online public school system can benefit everyone in the education our children.

After all, every parent wants the best education for their kids so they become productive adults. Why not use all the tools available to make our children get the best education they can?

Lisa Thompson


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Riverman1 03/23/13 - 06:17 am
Online Schools

I've been promoting online schools for a good while. If it's true local BOE's are bringing truancy charges against these families, it's absurd. We could save billions of dollars with online schools and TV instruction. Depending on the locality, traditional public school education can actually harm kids.

Bodhisattva 03/23/13 - 07:09 am
Defund public schools and

Defund public schools and give the money to for profit companies. That way we'll have all of the minimum wage workers that are in such high demand. Most of the people I've met who have home schooled their kids have a minimum level of education themselves. They have tended to be religious nuts who want their kids indoctrinated in the faith instead of thinking for themselves, conspiracy theory types, racists, and other "out there" types. I doubt they spend 2 hours a day homeschooling. It does make it convenient for a field trip to Wal-Mart or other errands the mom has on her schedule for the day. They need a monitoring system that shows how much time is spent on instruction. We expect public school teachers to be monitored, assessed, and tested, yet a high school graduate who home schools has no requirements. Please.

avidreader 03/23/13 - 07:26 am
Standardized Tests!

If a home-schooled (including on-line) student can pass the state-mandated tests, then what's the problem.

And yes, before anyone argues the validity of the EOCTs, data proves that they are indicative of a child's knowledge. The tests are VALID, yet fair. I can closely predict the scores of all my students before they take the tests, and I'm seldom wrong.

Also, practice tests are posted on line from the GADOE. Why don't all of you home school moms offer one to your child. I'm sure you know a local teacher who will be willing to score the test for you.

ymnbde 03/23/13 - 08:22 am
School choice is a better option

but parents can always supplement education with online courses.
The current centrally controlled government schools have certainly proven to be a failure. Their primary purpose ceased to be education quite some time ago.

RMSHEFF 03/23/13 - 09:23 am
Who makes decisions for our children?

Many public schools have failed our children. It is amusing how some folks are determined to defend a failing school system. It would be hard to do a worse job than many public schools are now doing and it should be up to the parents to decide. Most liberals want to make decisions for parents and not allow parents to decide.

deestafford 03/23/13 - 10:25 am
Public schools and teacher unions have done more to degrade

the US than anything the Islamists terriorists or communism ever have. If one does not believe it, look at the facts that came out within the last couple of weeks about NYC children applying for admittance to the local community colleges---50% were illiterate! That's the ones applying to go to college. What about the ones who don't want to go to college. Want to bet what it would be for DC? Chicago? Atlanta?

As far as school boards are concern, most are more worried about losing money for children leaving the system. Just look at the recent fight by the PTO and local school board as to the establishment of local charter schools. It was not about the parents of the children having the opportunity to do what's best for their children. It was about the money and power of the local Board of Education. As with most things, it boils down to money and power.
If I had a child I would not put him in the public schools. I think home schooing has an advantage over public schools by a long shot. Look at how many of the national contests such as spelling and geography competition being won by home schoolers. As a matter of fact, some contests won't let home schoolers enter because they win so often. Home schooling have many advantages such as less time is wasted by travelling to and from school as well as changing classes and all the admin time in a classroom calling roll etc. Home schooling is more focused and concentrated and allows children move along at a faster individual pace rather than the speed of the group which often times is at that of the slowest individual. Time can be spent focusing more deeply on areas of the child's interest.I could go as to the advantages of home schooling but you get the point.
The answer to our public school system is as is done in many Northern European countries. Each parent gets a voucher for the child's education and they use it at any school they desire. Schools are in competition for the children knowing if they don't perform to the parent's satisfaction the child and the money goes somewhere else. I think there is a phrase for that. It's called the "Free Market"! The parent cares more about the child's education than some bureaucrat. There would be nothing wrong with for-profit schools. After all, for-profit works in all other aspects of society where it exists. How would you like the supermarkets run by a board of education?

seenitB4 03/23/13 - 10:45 am
In the next 15 years

I will predict in the next years more than half will be online schools....

allhans 03/23/13 - 10:54 am
So lets say that if less

So lets say that if less children attend public schools, then it makes sense that schools could go smaller, save money. The current education system would not suffer. (Can't get much worse).
So many studies showing those home schooled or private schooled test much better when it comes to higher education.

twolane 03/23/13 - 11:10 am
for 50 dollars a week

for 50 dollars a week i tool every single one of a friends history exams....and her political science exams....she got her degree for the work she paid me to do....great online school makes these kids even dumber than they already are

Dixieman 03/23/13 - 11:20 am
7,889,204 POINTS

Government schools = child abuse. Get a second job or do whatever it takes to send your kids to a good private school - there are plenty of them in the CSRA.

Riverman1 03/23/13 - 02:02 pm
It just makes so much sense

It just makes so much sense in all ways to encourage home schooling with the technology we have today. For instance, does anyone doubt Rosetta Stone is the best way to learn a foreign language? Heck we can attend Harvard classes online for free (Maybe that’s not such a good idea. How about UGA courses, haha.)

I said TV instruction above, but that’s evolved to the internet with classes when you have time to view them. However, foremost is the money saved. We are talking enough to pay every debt we have. Billions upon billions.

Private schools can be used early on for those families where they are not able to be involved. Any negative such as lack of socialization can be offset by involved families getting together with others in various programs such as sports,music, etc. If I HAD to design the ultimate educational program, it would be homeschooling over the internet with an energetic program to promote socialization via activities.

The most powerful local politicians are school board members because most of the local tax money is controlled by them. I could tell you stories about ALL the counties BOE’s around here. A former Columbia County BOE, member years ago, told me the most revealing thing about BOE’s. He said he wanted to note officially that the Superintendent had not met the goals laid out in a minor area. He said the other BOE members were aghast and afraid they would upset the Superintendent and he was in the midst of reviewing contracts most of them wanted to go a certain way. Believe me IT goes on everywhere with BOE’s.

Most importantly we don’t have the money to continue this ill inspired system of public schools where the kids are as diverse as the NCAA number one seed playing the number 15 seed.

deestafford 03/23/13 - 07:25 pm
Some people say that home schooling prevents "socialization"

by not being in school with other children. I read a very interesting article about that very subject yesterday and the main point was that it is better for children to have positive adult role models to emulate rather than trying to fit in with a "survival of the fittest" atmosphere which permeates most schools. From what I understand lack of discipline is the main problem in schools today. I wouldn't want my child in that disruptive environment. A child should be in school to learn not be educated to the disruptive influences that exist today.
An additional consideration is home schooled children are not living in a vacuum. They have sunday school and church; activities such as boy scouts; sports teams; field trips with other home schoolers. As a matter of fact, there are organized athletic teams for home schoolers. Additionally, some school districts allow them to participate on public education athletic sports.
Many people don't realize that home schooling parents have access to prepared lesson plans and other material specifically designed for home schoolers. That, coupled with the internet as riverman so well explained, will produce some of the most educated children in the world.
To me, it just seems to be a no brainer. Educating one's children to the best level possible should be the parents number one goal if there is any way humanly possible. It's more important than the second parent working so the family has a bigger house, newer cars, or the myraid of other nice-to-have things we sometime work hard to provide.
I have a 15 month old grandson with whom my daughter spends about three to four hours a day putting him through structured learning programs she obtained off the internet. I look at him and his mental acuity and feel so sorry that some parents have to and some parents choose to put the children in day care. I fully understand that is absolutely necessary for too many families because they have no choice in order for the family to survive. The shame is the families who don't have to do it but choose to. Nothing is more important than raising your children.

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