Don't be fooled by Obama

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I saw several videos of President Obama describing what will happen if the sequestration, the $85 billion in spending cuts, is allowed to happen. The $85 billion is a little over 2 percent of the federal budget for 2013 of $3.6 trillion. Obama said that thousands of firefighters, police officers and teachers would lose their jobs even though they are not paid by the federal government. He said hundreds of thousands of federal employees would lose their jobs. He said thousands of flight controllers would be laid off. He said federal prosecutors would be forced to drop cases and let criminals out of jail.

If all this will happen with about a 2 percent cut in the budget, what is going to happen when the politicians are forced to make real cuts? Are the majority of Americans dumb? If we believe the lies that are coming out of the Obama administration, perhaps we are.

Charles Cushman

Aiken, S.C.

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Bizkit 02/28/13 - 09:30 pm
Just reading an ABC poll

Just reading an ABC poll about public sentiment towards Obama and Rep over this debacle. The spin now is everybody is mad at the Prez and REp-just they are more mad at the GOP. The difference was 20 somethin percent or really who cares. Now my head is spinnin' finding the silver lining behind this storm cloud. It's who do hate more now. Jeez. They polled 1,500 people and the error was +/- 3-5% or somethin'. My bet the polling and statistics are valid just they polled a predominately Dem district hee,hee,hee. The media is so sold out they will find anything positive to say about the Prez even though it is a negative. Oh what a twisted wicked web we weave. I know Obama and the Dems really believe they will be able to twist this in their favor=regardless of the truth who is really the one orchestrating it all =the Dems. We need to end the monopoly of government-it is a organization that needs to go bankrupt (their morally bankrupt already)and it isn't too big to fail -because it already has failed us all. Seems our votes mean nothing-cause I really doubt most Dems really bargain for Obama to be so ruthless, secretive, divisive, and weak. I know many progressive women who are worried Obama is over reaching his authority and power-becaue that was not something they bargained for=yes my reproductive rights but stop with breaking with the balance of power. We see fair to Obama is just capriciously enforcing some laws he likes and ignoring other laws he doesn't like or he believes his interest groups will not like.

allhans 02/28/13 - 10:06 pm
Young Fred
Young Fred 03/01/13 - 02:10 am

White cracker is never bad. Oreo, usually considered bad, but is acceptable because it refers to someone that's a minority, but thinks for themselves.

Where racism is concerned, it all depends on who is doing the name calling.

WalterBradfordCannon 03/03/13 - 05:46 pm
People don't really get what

People don't really get what is happening in Washington, and that is because the sequestration was center stage, while the real show was ignored. The continuing resolution that funds the US government expires March 27. Without a new continuing resolution, or a new budget, the US government shuts down in three and a half weeks (on a Wednesday). What happened this week is that the Republicans said they were not going to go through all the motions only to do it again in 3 weeks. Washington will forget the sequester in half a week, and focus on the new budget deal, which may or may not continue the sequester, may or may not cut spending, and may or may not raise taxes.

Also, the reason both parties let the sequestration happen - they both feel they will gain more leverage in three weeks from letting the sequestration go through.

AutumnLeaves 03/05/13 - 06:20 pm
young fred I consider someone

young fred I consider someone that is using the term white cracker is trying to offend someone, therefore using a racist slur. That IS a bad thing to do. renee, I don't think someone that is saying honest injun is calling anyone anything, he or she is just saying "I'm telling the truth!".

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