Raises were out of line

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I do not think Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree and Richmond County Solicitor-General Kellie Kenner-McIntyre should have gotten raises. They knew what the salaries were when they wanted the offices. If the salary was good enough for a man with Strength’s years of experience, it should be good enough for them.

Now that they have their raises, I think we should have a big wave of the “blue flu.” Do our police officers get that kind of raise? I think not. They are out there each day putting their lives on the line. They chose to do this. If anyone needs a raise it is them, and our teachers.

I feel that is a race-based consideration on the Augusta commissioners’ part.

Virginia Syms


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nocnoc 02/21/13 - 07:32 am
It is a done deal

and once awarded it cannot be rescinded or adjusted for the Sheriffs term in office according to O.G.C.A. But on reelection, the salary may be adjusted to meet O.C.G.A. guidelines, which would only save taxpayers about $6000 a year.

Looking beyond the poor timing of the request.
We all agree the Office of Sheriff needs to be properly funded and salaries need to be reflective of the duties. Any private company with 400 plus employees pays the top guy well over $200,000 a year, better benefits, plus a golden parachute on exit. Since Government pay is normally +/- 25 to 33% less than commercial salaries. The $126,000 is in line for the Sheriff office and the duties.

Don't misunderstand.
I still do not agree with the way it was Politically played by 5 commissioners, the just in the door timing of the Salary increase request, or the back to back votes until you get the votes you want.

But it is something that needed to occur eventually.

nocnoc 02/21/13 - 07:42 am
The flip side of the coin.

Now if I may suggest a a few simple ARC Commission Rule changes to avoid such Antics & Tactics in future?

1. Once an item has been voted DOWN it may not be brought up again for 6 months, except in cases where the vote violated the law, poses an injustice, or could cause previously unforeseen harm to others.

2. Elected Official Pay raises should require Commissioners to initially approve the viability of the elected officials raise, but final approval should rest with the Taxpayers and voters. Note: Some type of Voting naturally occurs in ARC every 2 years.

3. All related information and documentation that concerns a item up for vote shall be presented 10 days prior to any motion or vote, or said vote is nullified and must wait another 6 months to be voted on again.

4. All motions before the Commissioners shall be handled individually; voted on as For or Against and not bundled with other motions or votes.

Any one of these rule changes would have helped avoid the unnecessary community tensions caused by the political and racial scheming used by certain individuals.

GnipGnop 02/21/13 - 10:45 am
I agree noc

But it will never happen because the truth of the matter is your idea is fair and well thought out...not traits our mayor or commission seem to have...

Darby 02/21/13 - 01:56 pm
"Any private company with 400 plus employees....

pays the top guy well over $200,000 a year"
Is this what passes for logic these days? What's wrong with paying a person what he earns? This guy knew the salary when he took the job. He's never demonstrated cause to justify half the established pay level.

I accept that it's a "done deal". That doesn't make it right or even logical. Knowing this guy's history, I'm thinking this will come back to bite us in the rear at some point in the future.

In the meantime, just suck it up and chalk it up to incompetent and wasteful Richmond County politics.

mike1sc 02/21/13 - 02:03 pm
Was it Racist?

Dichotomy said what we all think but few of us will put on a post. Was it a racist act concerning the salary increases? Of course they were. Is Marion Williams a racist? Of course he is. No wait......if Marion Williams was white and the Sheriff was white....then it would have been racist.

Marion Williams' actions on the Augusta Commission is just business as usual in a town where the politics are stuck in the 60's. Sad sad sad....

There are some good people on the commission....Marion Williams is not one of them.

kmb413 02/21/13 - 04:25 pm
Give them all a raise

If the sheriff gets a raise, the whole department should get a raise. Oh wait, that isn't in the budget.

chascushman 02/22/13 - 04:34 pm
Good ole Augusta gets what it

Good ole Augusta gets what it deserves as do most cities run by democrats.

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