Congress' attitude appalling

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is concerned that the upcoming sequester will affect congressional pay. She is speaking out against a cut in congressional pay because she says it will undermine the dignity of their positions. This comes from her own statement:

“I think we should respect the work we do. I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

First: Dignity and Nancy Pelosi do not even belong in the same sentence, let alone the article I read.

Second: She states she is concerned about those members of Congress who are the sole breadwinners and cannot make ends meet. She makes $174,000 a year, as do many other members of Congress. Give me $174,000 a year and I can make ends meet.

This example of arrogance is why the approval rating for Congress is down around 15 percent. And remember that a part of their work year is actively campaigning so that they can stay in power and fatten their own bank accounts.

Third: It is more proof that members of Congress are out of touch with many Americans

Fourth: Pelosi, House Majority Leader John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others are just a few examples of why we need term limits. Career politicians are a cancer on our society, and like a cancer need to be cut out of the body.

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carcraft 02/19/13 - 06:33 am
I think state legislatures

I think state legislatures should set the congressional pay for the congressmen from their States and should provide the housing. It is incredibly stupid that they serve one term and get pensions for life, and make all that money. They end up with more money than their salaries should allow them to make from investing and saving. The whole thing is corrupt!

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 02/19/13 - 09:03 am
I agree...

...but why just pick on a few republicans? If you're going to talk about corruption, go all the way to the top!

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 02/19/13 - 09:21 am
Who in their right mind can

Who in their right mind can defend Pelosi's statements?

deestafford 02/19/13 - 09:35 am
I bet there are a number

of those in Congress who are making more money than at anytime in their lives and many who could not even have a decent job if they had to go home and depend on their abilities.

soapy_725 02/19/13 - 10:18 am
They ae all doing their part to bring

us Totalitarian form of government.

nofanofobama 02/19/13 - 11:02 am
we have hundred of billions

we have hundred of billions of dollars wasted each and every year by our FED. GOVT..yet they want more revenue from those who already pay the taxes so they dont have to make hard for congress should be like any business ...based on merit..merit defined as wisely using every penney we as tax payers send them.and running a profit..profit defined for govt as a surplus /no accounting for the wise use of every penney ..NO PAY..AND they should be a watch dog for all branches of longer excessive spending by the white house...dual vacations etc...we simply cant afford any more nonsense..

Steve62351 02/19/13 - 07:11 pm
Excellent letter, now put teeth in it:

To enforce the intent of Mr. Weber's letter, the following specific legislation should be enacted:

1. All members of the U.S. House of Representatives be term-limited to one term of 3 years.

2. All members of the Senate be term-limited to two terms of 3 years.

3. No members of the U.S. Congress get a pension for serving. They serve with a set salary, then return home to rejoin the regular citizenry with no pension or other payment for having served their public duty.

4. Any year the U. S. Congress doesn't pass a budget by September 30th, all members shall be permanently removed from office, shall return all salary paid for that year, and shall be imprisoned for three months.

5. Any year the U.S. federal treasury has a deficit, all members of Congress shall be permanently removed from office, shall reimburse the US Treasury their full year's salary, and shall be imprisoned either until the end of their elected term or for three years, whichever is longer.

The above would make the U.S. Congress responsive to reality.

Mr. Weber: THANK YOU for your great letter, and please keep writing and working to improve the U.S. federal government

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