Women in combat? Why?

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I have been wondering – and maybe some of you out there can enlighten me – about our nation’s decision to allow women the right to fight in combat like their male counterparts. I am all about equal rights, but really – women in combat zones, fighting hand-to-hand, face-to-face with the bad guys?

I am pretty sure there are some women out there who are perfectly capable of living up to that standard. I, myself, have worked in a predominantly male profession for a long time, so I can say a few things about equal work and keeping up with a man on a job that was designed specifically for a male. It is hard work, ladies, and at times it has been downright grueling – but for the money, it pays better than anything I could have done in a predominantly female field. And I haven’t regretted it much, other than the wear and tear on my body.

My concern about women in combat is more with future young women (our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc.) who suddenly will be equal in the eyes of the law, and will have to go on their 18th birthdays like their male counterparts and register with Selective Service.

Don’t think it won’t happen – you asked for it, you probably will get it. It won’t matter that you don’t want to go in the military, because I am sure there were a lot of men who didn’t want to go either. But if you are professing equal rights, then I guess fair is fair.

Women always have been in the background for the military, in support positions. And I know some women soldiers who absolutely are courageous and enjoy the military life. But I don’t think your average American girl will be cut out for this type of duty. One day, she may not get the choice; it will be made for her. And this is the time you will remember as the beginning of the end of innocence.

But then, I remember reading somewhere that every man and woman in Israel serves in some capacity for their country for a couple of years when he or she turns 18, whether in the military or in some other service for the government. With today’s youth, maybe it would give them some perspective of life in the real world.

What are your thoughts? I was just wondering.

Lynda Andress


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deestafford 02/03/13 - 09:21 am
I was responsible

for the training of thousands of women as they went thru basic training at Ft Jackson, SC in the 80's and saw not one who could do the training and perform the mission of an Infantryman. This push by the Obama administration is so women will have an equal opportunity for promotions because you don't want someone leading the military who has not experienced all the aspects. Nowhere in any of our founding documents does the world "equality" or anything implying equal outcome appear.

Techfan 02/03/13 - 09:28 am
"our daughters,

"our daughters, granddaughters, nieces". Are our sons, grandsons, and nephews any less important? Maybe the draft should be reinstituted, with no deferments. Then, perhaps, those that beat the drums of war so readily might take a second thought with their own sons and daughters on the line.

carcraft 02/03/13 - 10:54 am
Deestafford, I could not

Deestafford, I could not agree more, that is whys track and field athletic events are segregated by sex! Very many times the out come of a battle depends on a few people. Look at Chamberlain at little round top! Do you want Battles being decided by politically correct appointees?

chascushman 02/03/13 - 08:32 pm
“Deestafford, I could not

“Deestafford, I could not agree more, that is whys track and field athletic events are segregated by sex!”
Well said, The liberals deal with emotions not facts. If it was not so sad it would be laughable.

Bruno 02/05/13 - 12:39 pm
I have no problem with women

I have no problem with women in combat as long as they have to pass the same physical standards as men. Same technique and number of pushups etc. You can't expect to be treated equally if you don't have the same standards applied equally to you. Otherwise you are admitting that you are in fact not equal.
Now that they are allowing women into combat roles are they going to make females register with the selective service? We are pushing for equality, afterall.

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