Arm certain teachers

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I am amazed at the ridiculous solutions that are being offered to make our schools safe for our kids. The problem is obvious: We have armed lunatics attacking unarmed and helpless children and teachers. The solution is simple;: We have to provide firearms in our schools to even the score. Since our schools already are faced with inadequate funds, they can’t afford to hire armed guards to stand around and wait for an attack. This would be a waste of manpower.

This simple solution won’t bankrupt our schools. We need to select three or four male teachers in each school and assign them additional duty as security officers. Have them qualify with a pistol, strap pistols on their belts and wear arm bands designating them as security officers. They also should be given a modest boost in salary. The reason I didn’t select female teachers is because it would be awkward for them to wear holsters on their belts, and it wouldn’t be safe to keep pistols in purses or desks.

When it becomes common knowledge that teachers are armed, these lunatics will look elsewhere to vent their hatred on society.

Thomas L. Lamb


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Truth Matters
Truth Matters 01/20/13 - 07:31 am
Arming teachers

To the writer, thank you for what I am sure is a heartfelt expression of your concern for our students' safety.

I try to keep an open mind when others present their ideas because I believe all of us want the same__safe schools and communities. Some concerns I have about arming teachers include: Some schools have no males except maybe one who serves as the custodian; with the pressures on teachers today many would not pass the stress threshold to be trusted with a weapon at school. The younger the children the greater the likelihood for distraction. Ever been in a school when a fire alarm goes off? Does the teacher now have to retrieve a weapon that is locked up so she can take it outside for the drill? As much as I support teachers, I know some that I wouldn't trust near me with a loaded gun let alone trusting them around defenseless children. I also know some teachers who are good in the area of subject matter, but are not so good with managing challenging student behavior. I have heard threats being made to students by teachers who thought nothing of it. Now that teacher has a loaded gun in her class to back up a desperate plea for "Johnny" to sit down!

avidreader 01/20/13 - 10:58 am
Very Interesting!

The following is a list of things that simply "happen": Plane crashes, hurricanes, tornadoes, sinking ships, disease, train derailments, cult violence, terrorist attacks, collapsing stadiums, and school shootings.

As long as there are mentally ill people roaming our streets, school shootings are probably going to happen from time-to-time. Arming teachers and administrators is not the answer.

People who commit these acts are not human -- they are merely a walking mass of tissue, bone, and organs; and have no fear of reprecussions.

Let's continue this discussion after more suitable efforts are made to diagnose and treat mental illness.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 01/20/13 - 09:11 pm

I'd like to see the schools "harden" the entrances. They should have only one door unlocked into each building, and if anyone uses it (student, teacher, staff, parent, visitor, salesperson, vendor, repair person, etc.), that person should be unable to go through the locked door he encounters until the shows I.D. to school staff, states his business, and gets an escort.

Our schools are too insecure as far as entrances.

Sancho V
Sancho V 01/22/13 - 02:25 am
Arm The Teachers

With all due respect to those who oppose arming the teachers. You do so at our childrens peril. I am a strong believer that we need to arm the teachers the smart way. The web site has the most thought out approach.
As for the issue of saftey, texas and several other states have allowed teachers to carry for more than 10 years without incident. I personally believe that it is a bad idea just to give a teacher a gun and hope that they can shoot straight . If applied correctly however, it is a good idea to provide teachers controled acces to a firearm to protect the kids.
Some food for thought. Most active-shooter protocols for schools contain the same advice: implement lockdown procedures, minimize the target profile, and wait for the police to neutralize the situation. Teachers and students should hide quietly, lock or barricade doors, and turn off lights and electrical equipment that would attract the shooter’s attention. This is exactly what happend at Sandy Hook and what is being advocated who are insiting that teachers should not be allowed access under any circumstances to a firearm.

Perhaps we should call it the Hddle and cuddle and hope that it goes away defense. Safe but not effective. Give the Kids a chance Arm The Teachers

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