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Will Rogers famously said “I do not belong to an organized political party – I’m a Democrat.” I have just one question: Has someone dumped LSD into our water supply? I ask this having followed the abysmal performance of the Republican Party in the latest “fiscal cliff” negotiations and the past two presidential campaigns.

The conservative base, having failed to nominate a candidate capable of passing its litmus test of a “true” conservative, stayed home pouting to teach the nation a lesson on how bad liberalism would be. Although, it must be said neither of the past two Republican presidential candidates showed any inclination to actually fight for the office. I believe it has been said that anyone who won’t fight for the office of president probably doesn’t deserve to have it.

On top of that a former candidate, a disgraced former speaker of the House, gave President Obama his most potent ammunition by attacking a fellow Republican for being a capitalist!

In the six weeks following the last election, our fearless leader, House Speaker John Boehner – obviously having never managed to pass remedial negotiations, much less Negotiations 101 – falls all over himself making offer after offer, going through contortions that would be the envy of any circus performer – all on the subject of taxes – to avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

Why? Taxes are irrelevant. The perceived conservative wisdom of the day is that we don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem. Going over the cliff would have guaranteed genuine cuts in spending – something that neither of the Bushes nor even Reagan himself accomplished.

Wallowing in its own impotence, the House was ripe for Obama to engineer his own plan through the Senate: raising taxes and cutting nothing.

What was Boehner’s fate after this debacle? Was he forced to resign? To go home with his tail tucked between his legs? Does he have to wear a paper bag over his head in public? No! He is re-elected speaker of the House. After all, he is better than letting Nancy Pelosi back in – says who? Could she have done any worse?

One last aphorism: America does not deserve to have good government. But it does deserve the government it elects. God forgive us.

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bubbasauce 01/16/13 - 01:50 am
Amen Mr. McKeown, that's all

Amen Mr. McKeown, that's all I have to say. And God help us!

soapy_725 01/16/13 - 08:42 am
That we have a one party system

is becoming much clearer to all seeking the truth. A stagnant, impotent . bloated, legislative branch that does nothing. No balance of powers. Just rubber stamping of the czar's wishes. The highlight of a term in Congress would be interviewing Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. We are making progress. Progressing toward a totalitarian state. The New USSR. Reagan bankrupted the Soviets so they took up residents in the USSA for a new source of revenue. Revenue to continue the march to Global dominance.

Whining will not change the course. An all out revolution could. but will never happen. No 1963 America coup d'etat.

chascushman 01/16/13 - 09:07 am
I agree 100%

“But it does deserve the government it elects. God forgive us.”
I agree 100%. The devil was reelected.

dichotomy 01/16/13 - 11:44 am
I vote Republican because I

I vote Republican because I am a fiscal conservative that believes in small, unintrusive government, low taxes, and balanced budgets. That is, at least, the espoused Republican philosophy even though their history is not very good. If there was a viable third party that ONLY focused on financial policy and basic government funtions I would vote with that party but there is no such party and there never will be a viable third party in this country, at least in my lifetime.

But Republicans who are now ranting about the higher taxes and the crazy spending have nobody to blame but themselves. Many of them spent a year crucifying their own candidates over social issues like abortion, birth control, prayer in school and when they lost the election they all want to complain about the budget and debt. And when their ultra right wing candidate didn't win the nomination they stayed at home, sulked, thumped their bible, and didn't vote. Now they want to complain because Obama won't cut spending. Well duh!!!!!!

If Republicans EVER want to win another election they will have to learn to nominate candidates that ONLY talk about sound fiscal policy, sound energy policy, and sound international policy.....and nothing else. Even Independents understand sound policy. Democrats don't but most Independents do. But they are more scared of the right wing social agenda than they are of going broke. That says a lot and I'm afraid you ain't listening. And until you can attract that Independent vote you will always have Obama, or someone just like him, in charge.

I'm sure the right wing of the Republican party has some sincere, good Christians and I have nothing against them. But they are Christians in a growing, majority, secular political environment and that makes for some losing, dumb as heck politics. So, if your are religious AND you believe in common sense, balanced budget, small government.....and the nominee at least meets HALF of your standards.....then you should get out and support and vote for them instead of sitting home and letting the other person win who doesn't support ANY of your standards.

But for the next 4 years you need to just be quiet about the taxes and spending because YOU caused it. You stayed home and let this happen. If you keep this up you will most likely always have the right to practice your religion but you may have to do it in the "poor house".

d1zmljqg 01/16/13 - 12:00 pm
dichotomy looks like you have

kept up with those devious Republicans for several years. You've made many worthwhile facts that they have to reason with and face. But, I'll bet you they will only take such feedback with a grain of salt.

Darby 01/16/13 - 12:14 pm
We get the nimrods we elect in congress because....

of the mixed signals our candidates receive from conservative voters. So many of our citizens have become so pacified by the spoon feeding they get from government that they completely lack the passion to demand better service. I believe they think, "Why rock the boat?"

It's a classic example of the Stockholm syndrome in all its glory.

We get too many worthless Republicans in Washington because we have too many apathetic and lazy voters. Democrats and liberal Republicans will continue grab more and more control until:
(1) Enough Americans wake up and get some self-respect.
(2) Or, in Margaret Thatcher's words, the socialists run out of other people money.

It's beginning to look like the "self-respect" option is not gonna happen first.

Maybe we really did miss the chance to save ourselves by going over the "fiscal cliff". As the kids today might tell us... "I'm just saying".

Jane18 01/16/13 - 12:09 pm
Forgiveness and A Real "Change"

Sorry Mr. McKeown, I may have to ask GOD for forgiveness for something I may have said or done, but, I do not need to ask forgiveness for where our government has gone, or who is sitting in the White House. I have done my part, I got people to register to vote, I explained the pitfalls of the democrat party and why not to vote for them, sooooo I don't have any guilt on my shoulders, nor do I deserve the "stinking" government we have now! The reason we have what we have, is because of liars, and the ones that are so ignorant in the deception of those liars. I pray for America every day, but, when there are so many that want what they want and do not care about GOD and The Most Blessed Country that ever was.......... we now have what They brought on us, as a Country!

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