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To whom should the Republican Party appeal for votes? Pursue people who have family social values and who wish to succeed on merit. Emphasize to them the GOP’s free enterprise creed and a smaller government with less regulation – the same values that once made this nation the richest and most powerful in the world.

Democrats and some GOP Congresses have enacted into law over the years government regulations, safety nets and restrictions on free enterprise that stifle self-initiative. The voters the GOP seeks are not chosen by skin color, ethnicity, sex or age. The GOP is not offering a free lunch for votes, but an opportunity of a better life based on personal effort and a growing economy.

The U.S. government was founded on capitalism. The Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, limits the role of government in the affairs of men. It may not be the best system in the world, but it is the best that has lasted for more than 200 years, and resulted in more people having a higher standard of living than in world history.

I didn’t say it was perfect, but I do say it is much better than the European model that the Dems are trying to install. My safety net would catch no more than 15-20 percent of the people.

The voters the GOP can’t attract are those living in a dream world – those who think a gross domestic product increase of 2 percent is a reasonable economy at the same time the federal budget is $1 trillion in the red (7 percent of GDP).

A higher standard of living originates with growth in the private sector, not government handouts.

Gil Mullins

Aiken, S.C.

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specsta 01/11/13 - 02:54 am
The Affairs of Men

The letter writer wrote "The Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, limits the role of government in the affairs of men."

If Republicans/conservatives believe this to be true, why is there so much emphasis by Republicans on passing laws that restrict the people's rights to things such as same-sex marriage, abortions, women's unrestricted access to contraceptives such as Plan B, legalized prostitution, legalized marijuana, etc.

Or maybe the Republican/conservative belief is that government should not interfere with individuals' lives UNLESS it involves a "moral" choice. Seems a bit flip-floppy to me.

Jane18 01/11/13 - 08:30 am
We All Need Morals(of some kind)

And specsta, in your second paragraph, do you not consider these "moral" issues unimportant? I mean, how do you really, really feel about anyone, maybe even one of your own family members, that wants the government to take care of them 100%? Because, you know there are millions of people in America that have never "hit a lick" at any kind of work. They have gotten so soft and sorry, they probably couldn't work a whole day. Don't you think that is pretty sad...........?

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 01/11/13 - 08:47 am
Specta and those like him/her

Specta and those like him/her seem to think that if the government doesn't pay for your contraception, then they are limiting your access to it. I tell you what. I will pay for your right to contraception (which is NOT in the constitution) as soon as you pay for my gun (which IS in the constitution.)

RMSHEFF 01/11/13 - 10:09 am
Morality is necessary for a

Morality is necessary for a civil society. If you don't believe me just look around. We are no longer a civil and moral country, you should be happy now. The constitution does not attempt to legislate morality. The founder knew this come from inside the people, ie, a moral compass that God gave us.
The problem we have is the government has become an agent and facilitator of immorality. They are the ones pushing and paying for abortion, the break up of the family unit, dependancy on welfare,gambling etc. They should be encouraging morality.

Darby 01/11/13 - 11:29 am
"They have gotten so soft and sorry, they probably...

...couldn't work a whole day."

And unfortunately, they and we, will probably live out our entire lives without ever finding out. Because, with only limited exceptions, people who aren't dependent on handouts don't vote Democrat.

allhans 01/11/13 - 05:57 pm
It seems each congressperson

It seems most congresspersons want to keep their base so they continue to enable those who are content to live a limited lifestyle.........

GaStang22 01/11/13 - 11:57 pm
Humble Angela they already get free contraception.

They choose not to use it. They have free condoms, the pill, iuds. They will even tie thier tubes at some point.

Freeloaders have a "right" to keep breeding more dependants for taxpayers to pay for but the taxpayers dont have a right to limit the number of freeloaders they have to work to support. Sickening!!

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