Abortion about human rights

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Regarding the Jan. 7 editorial (“State can’t choose views”):

The state of North Carolina will allow a motorist to purchase a “Save the Sea Turtle” and save “Wildlife Resources” without allowing one to purchase a tag such as “Eat More Sea Turtle.” You state that the issue of saving unborn human babies is a political argument mirroring what the federal judge ruled. The issue of abortion is a human rights issue, not a political or religious one.

Choosing life as opposed to choosing to kill an unborn baby by dismemberment when she is innocent of any crime is an issue all states should be fiercely supporting. Laws are made to teach acceptable behavior as well as punish those who violate such behavior. It is a scientific fact of embryology that life comes from life and only humans can procreate human life.

The 1972 Roe v. Wade decision was flawed, as it falsely proclaimed it could not define when life begins. Ask any of the Georgia Regents University researchers in human genetics if the fertilized human egg is human life or not. An unborn baby is not a “potential life,” as abortionists misinform; rather, she is a human life with potential.

We recognize the genocide of Jews and enslavement of African-Americans was against the natural law. Why can we not see the current genocide of more than 55 million babies since Roe v. Wade? A state that supports a “Choose Life” license plate is being openly honest, just as Georgia without apology allows me to drive with such a plate!

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Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 01/09/13 - 09:19 pm
There may be women and young

There may be women and young girls reading these comments tonight that have indeed had an abortion.

I want to comment directly to you.

My comments were not made to hurt you. You may already have guilt over your decision, if not, it will likely come. I want you to know that God doesn't want your guilt, He desires your repentance, your heart, a relationship with you.

God loved you before that decision, and He loves you now. Run to Him; right now. His arms are open and He welcomes you. His Word promises He will wash you cleaner than the pure driven snow. His is the love that will never fail you. He is the One that you've been searching for. He understands and He will not turn you away.

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