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What a great letter Jan. 3 from Dallas Duff (“We’re not in moral decline”).

There are so very, very many good things going on in our great country! Let’s not let the sensational-seeking media’s focus distract us from all that is good. Thank you, Mr. Duff, for a beautifully written letter about all the good things!

Gwen Fulcher Young


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InChristLove 01/09/13 - 09:27 pm
Since it appears someone's

Since it appears someone's feelings were hurt, I've reposted my comment and altered the first sentence.

duffstuff, it appears that possibly you have missed reading my comment and are misguided in your thinking. Please (see, I'm being nice Sean) go back and read the 4th paragraph (my 1/8/13 10:00am comment).

You stated " people require a very divine religious experience in order to change their faith in most cases."

Yes it does, and it's call the Holy Spirit. You can preach to 1000 people in the US and unless the Holy Spirit moves and convicts AND that person responds, they will not change. They will still be lost.

Likewise, you can preach to 10 people in Iraq and the Holy Spirit moves, convicts, and they respond and repent and all 10 accept Christ. So the deciding factor in these individual's faith is the conviction of the Holy Spirit, not location, not upbringing, not anything except submission to the workings of Christ.

I never stated that people were not influenced by their upbringing or
location. You made that assumption out of the blue, but I did disagreed with you on your assertion that people BECOME CHRISTIANS BECAUSE of their upbringing.

If that "as you state as fact" were true then all southerners would be
Christians, all northerners would be Catholics and all northwesterners would be Mormons.

you stated "You know you can admit all these things and still have faith. I'm not sure why that seems to be such a problem?"

duffstuff.....Let's be clear. I have no problem but it seems as you do since you keep this discussion going. Also, to set the record straight, my faith is not based on anything you want me to admit or whether my views agree or disagree with yours....My faith is based on the knowledge of Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and not by yours or anyone elses personal opinions. That being said, I truly hope yours isn't either.

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