Liberals can't discern truth

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Again we are subjected to the rants of Joaquin Godoy, who fled his Red homeland but refuses to return to that “worker’s paradise” Cuba (“Make way for revolution,” Dec. 19).

He ignores the fact that no socialist nation has remained intact without a dictator and/or a corrupt political system. Each passing day brings evidence that Vietnam and China are slowly morphing into capitalism. And, by the way, what happened to the Soviet Union?

More seriously, he cannot comprehend or appreciate that if he wrote his letter advocating revolution in his homeland, North Korea or Venezuela, he would be permanently silenced.

His charge that the National Rifle Association distributes money to corrupt lawmakers discounts the far greater amount that unions donate to politicians, who then rape the treasury to dispense benefits and high wages in return for votes. The elitist hypocrisy is palpable.

He bemoans the fact that the “Occupation” became languid because of physical misery and agony. Oh, those poor souls. If the Founders were made of the same lethargic stuff, we would be greeting the new year from Plymouth Rock.

But like most brainwashed liberals, he cannot discern truth and fact from the propaganda. This isn’t because liberals have less gray matter; it is because they cannot drive their intellect to logical and rational answers to complex issues. An appropriate analogy might be: They are like a person sitting behind the wheel of a car with an idling 300-horsepower motor without a clue how to put it in gear.

Paul D. Hopkins

Aiken, S.C.

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myfather15 12/29/12 - 08:36 pm

I would agree with you on a fiscal standpoint. We need to come to an agreement. But I also STRONGLY believe we must get our federal spending in check. All you have to do is a quick google about wasteful government spending, if you want to get a serious headache. Our government has gone completely insane with spending. When we are spending 16-20 million dollars for such things as Indonesians to get their masters degrees. $750,000 on soccer fields for detainees at Gitmo. 3 Million dollars for "Researchers" at UC Irvine to study video games such as World of Warcraft and why people play them.

China lends more money to the USA than any other Country, yet we spend 18 million dollars on helping them develop better social and enviromental programs for CHINA!!! Does this make any sense? They lend hundreds of billions of dollars, then we pay for their programs. This kind of stuff MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!!

But there are more problems than just fiscal. I guess you're one who doesn't believe in the "War on Christmas" or better said the "War on Christians". We are tried of being told we oppress people, just because we disagree with them. We don't agree with abortion; We are told we're sexist bigots. We don't agree with gay marriage; We are told we are homophobic bigots. We don't agree with taxing the wealthier Americans: We are told we "hate the poor". We stand for American exceptionalism; We are told we hate the rest of the world. A teacher wants to pray or have a Bible in school for personal reasons; They're told they can't. We want to put a Cross on a roadway to mark a terrible accident and loss of life; We're being told we can't. Evolution (A Theory) is being taught in most public schools; We we want creation (A Theory) taught as well, we are told we can't.

Some will say "No one is telling you that you can't worship how you want in your home". Might want to look up the increasing arrests of people having Bible studies in their homes. One Arizona couple was fined because they had to many people in their home. It was no longer consider a "Bible Study" because local ordinance stated they could only have a certain amount of people. This was in THEIR HOME. Who should be allowed to tell them how many people can be in THEIR HOME? The Federal government is banning many organizations (Most tend to be Christian) from feeding the homeless or poor. The only reasonable explanation for this is that they believe its THEIR responsility to take care of the poor. It's not the governments job to take care of each individual, its the individuals job. We are supposed to take care of one another. Christ didn't say to give you're money to the governement, so they can take care of the poor. He said to take of them yourselves, as individuals. Bottom line is, there are many much stronger differences than just fiscal. These other differences are far harder to reach an agreement on. But first thing is the left needs to stop calling names and labelling conservatives as haters. Name calling is getting really old.

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