Empty prayers aren't granted

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On the Dec. 4 Opinion page, Jeff Miller stated that prayer failed (“Example shows prayer fails”). He refers to a prayer meeting held Aug. 6, 2011, at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. Evidently, from his letter, the prayer meeting was for the purpose of praying for America’s problems – its debts and unemployment. He concludes that because God did not change all of this, prayer failed.

I do not have all the answers, but I believe in prayer. First of all, let’s look at some facts. God didn’t put America in this difficult situation. We did it to ourselves. America has chosen to remove God from every influence He has had on this nation. Remember, the Democratic Party this year even wanted to remove His name from its platform!

Let’s be real! Our basic society and government is anti-God in every aspect of its operation and in our daily lives! We love sin! From every scope, we are living with complete rejection of everything that is decent and moral. In fact, we make fun of and joke about those who honor God and His Word.

Prayer did not fail. God does not answer empty prayers.

America does not need to pray. America needs to repent!

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RMSHEFF 12/05/12 - 05:15 pm

Have you ever noticed how much activity the mention of Jesus , God or the Bible stirs up ! I think we have pricked someones conscience.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

HenryWalker3rd 12/05/12 - 05:56 pm
GAD - you skated around the

GAD - you skated around the question...

Prayerfully you will have a change of heart sooner than later.

KasparHauser 12/14/12 - 08:32 am
"Quickly as to prayer and

"Quickly as to prayer and health, I've never met a physician that didn't believe that a patient with faith had an advantage over others.

And personally, no physician who disclaims God would care for me."

1. Back to the Dark Ages: "I've never met a physician WHO (not "that", darling) didn't believe that a patient with faith in the humours had an advantage of the others." Back to cavemen: "Grog never meet spirit man who not think patient with fear of Great Ju-Ju ..." Ad Nauseum.

2. Well, Duh, I guess you don't see why the only doctors you meet are credulous without having read any of the SCIENCE.

Your entire post is built on the quagmire of circular 'logic'.

Placebo effects don't need a childlike fear of a particular god, but I'd imagine it's a lot easier to tap into the effect if you take advantage of the indoctrination into superstition already present in the patient.

KasparHauser 12/14/12 - 08:46 am
All of Them, Bastards...

Do tell,

Recently had a close relative die of cancer at a far too young age. Was a big supporter of local church. Left a largish bequest in the will for children's religious indoctrination, er,... education.

Just whose prayers were empty?

The dead's prayers must have been empty because it only took 5 months from diagnosis, through emptying the medical account, to funeral, just before some major holidays.

The entire congregation's prayers must have been empty because...

BTW, the spouse also died years earlier, at a far younger age.

Just whose prayers were empty there, too??

Just how was what happened any different from the results if there WAS NO YHWH??? if Allah was boss? if the Tao were the essence?

Idiot religious apologists need not apply...

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