Great job, voters

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I work for a small, locally owned company in Augusta. BlueCross/BlueShield has been our health-care provider for a while, but recently I found out that we have to look for another carrier next year. Why? BlueCross has told us there’ll be a 53 percent increase in the premium rate next year. And why is that? Because Obamacare goes into full swing in 2014.

Congratulations, Obama voters. Yes, you guys really stuck it to the big, mean insurance companies. And now, a $300-a-month policy will cost more than $450 a month. The working citizens (key word here is “working”) are going to cough up the difference to pay for everything. That’s $1,800 a year less than I’ll have to splurge on silly things such as gas, groceries, etc.

I never thought I’d live to see the day when stupidity was so rampant in our national elections. If our Founding Fathers suddenly appeared today, and took a look around at this mess, I’m certain they’d say, “This is not what we had in mind.”

Scott Finley


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shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 11/18/12 - 02:20 am
Only one problem Scott

Georgia gave all of it's electoral votes to Romney. Don't call the voters stupid. This is how our election process works. The founding fathers would be impressed that the country was still going strong 237 years later.

Techfan 11/18/12 - 08:38 am
Given Wellpoint's history

Given Wellpoint's history with rate increases, you believe the "it's the Affordable Care Act's fault" excuse? They've had to struggle so much they only had a 1,380% increase in profit 2000-2007. "Obamacare" is going to decimate it so bad they just spent almost $5 billion to buy Amerigroup. Nothing says "government regulation is killing our company" like doubling down and buying more into it. Maybe they just need your rate hike to help offset the $4.5-$4.9 billion they are about to spend.

Insider Information
Insider Information 11/18/12 - 10:41 am
There is no IQ requirement to

There is no IQ requirement to vote.

And that's why we get what we got on Election Day.

soapy_725 11/18/12 - 10:54 am
Blue Cross Blue Shield

has been increasing individual premiums for the last 40 years of my history with them. Nothing new. The last twenty years to the tune of 35% per anum. Didn't know Obama. Look at the number of hospital beds, million dollars diagnostic machines and free standing clinics. Hospitals and doctors advertising for sick people. Wanting more sick people. Sickness and the promotion of sickness may be the largest business in the USA. BCBS is one of if not the largest lobbying groups in the USA.

Obama has surely done his part, but he alone is not to blame. The insurance companies and AARP were right there with him. Do you think Obama wrote this legislation? Medical professionals wrote this legislation. Just like Atlanta Gas Light wrote the deregulation of natural gas laws.

Follow the money. Identify the GREEDY.

Jane18 11/18/12 - 01:19 pm
As Forest Gump said........

You are very much correct Scott! People "lacking normal intelligence" have helped to put leaders, politicians, judges, etc, in positions of authority, and together, are sooooooo responsible for what is happening in and to, our country. The lack of common sense was shown in the election....................

AugustaDad08 11/18/12 - 08:50 pm
Personal Responsibility

Here's an idea for you Mr. Finley (and anyone else that has such a narrow minded, ill informed view of the so called 'ObamaCare'). Take responsibility for YOUR actions, or lack there of from the sounds of it. Stop blaming other people for your pains and discomforts. No one said you had to rely on your 'job' to take care of your medical needs. People need stop blaming George Bush, Obama, the government, the insurance companies and anyone else they can think of for what happens to them. It doesn't matter if McCain won the last election or if Romney would have won this one, the fact of the matter is YOU are responsible for your actions. If all you have is your job to rely on for your medical expenses and to "splurge on silly things like gas, groceries, etc.", that's not Obama's fault it's yours. Also, if you really knew anything about the founding fathers, besides what limbaugh and beck tell you, then you probably would have known better than to make such a backwards thinking comment.

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