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Let me get this straight. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office substation in south Augusta costs $1 a month to rent. Are you telling me that in all of that time the department would not take responsibility for upkeep – they just let it deteriorate? Sounds like the rest of south Augusta – low rent with no accountability.

It’s no wonder the place is a mess. I can remember when pride and a work ethic meant something. South Augusta was a very clean, nice place. This attitude of “use it and throw it away” instead of fixing it is another example of why our society is in trouble. OK, so you’re leaving a deteriorating, already-crime-ridden place to further deteriorate and breed more crime because the building is a mess? How much would it have cost to keep it from getting that way? How much is it going to cost to move?

Donna Dumas Ryan


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omnomnom 11/18/12 - 08:46 am
This attitude of “use it and

This attitude of “use it and throw it away” instead of fixing it is another example of why our society is in trouble.

yeah, but city leaders get to brag about the shiny new things they helped create (with tax dollars) which is why we have a new library next to an old library, a jail thats less than 25 years old and pretty much slated to be mothballed. numerous city properties on the auction block while we lease space???

and there were plans for a new ballpark less than 2 miles away from the old one.

Its a problem all over, and its unfortunately become a part of capitalism.

Why do we not have appliances that last longer than 10 years?
Why do we not have electronics that can be worked on?
Why are products designed with "planned obsolescence?"

seenitB4 11/18/12 - 09:33 am
She said...

I can remember when pride and a work ethic meant something. South Augusta was a very clean, nice place.

Many on here can remember that too.....we revisit in our minds how great South Augusta was....politics can ruin anything & it has with our home area....

avidreader 11/18/12 - 09:34 am
A Gentle Place To Live!

1968. My father was speaking with a family that inquired about buying a house in our neighborhood. We lived off of Peach Orchard Road. My sister attended Sego Middle, and I was a sophomore at Butler. My father said to the family, "It's a gentle place to live." I will never forget this. South Augusta was charming and gentle, filled with middle-class families that raised their children with dignity and discipline. There was a sense of commonality. Butler High was a relatively new school with a wonderful reputation.

South Augusta still has a chance, but it's going to be difficult. The middle-class, working families that continue to prosper there are slowly becoming the minorities. The seedy element in the community is growing like cudzu, and as it stands now, things aren't going to get any better unless an insightful movement for community involvement takes over. It's possible.

soapy_725 11/18/12 - 09:44 am
Fleming Community tried to incorporate and

separate itself from the dwindling tax base of downtown Augusta. But annexation won the battle. Who was in control of the county in them days? Was that mafia not a mafia? Remember the monies spent on the Eye Full Tower, River Walk, Science Center, The Hole in Broad St, Olde Towne, The Chamber in the middle of Commerce, etc.

Jane18 11/18/12 - 12:06 pm
Re: avidreader's comment

"The seedy element is growing like cudzu,...............................". Kind of like like cockroaches and mice? Sounds as if it needs a good cleaning and continuous maintenance. It really is sad when a place, any place, is brought down or ruined by the inhabitants.

Fiat_Lux 11/18/12 - 03:01 pm
As usual,

Dichotomy totally gets it.

TrulyWorried 11/18/12 - 04:11 pm
Throw Away Society

that is what the United States of America have become. Europe takes pride in recycling - Germany has been doing it for over 30 years. Small as the countries are in Europe they would have suffocated in their own trash. But the great USA can afford to just throw it out - - I wonder for how much longer it can continue!

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 11/18/12 - 11:16 pm
Take it back...

Actually the "ruination" of the neighborhoods and schools predates Section 8 housing. Take it on back to the government forced busing of students, and the old "265" government subsidy home purchase plan...those two things were the catalyst of the nose dive.

rebellious 11/19/12 - 03:22 am

I could not agree more with your letter. And I hate to admit that Sheriff Strength could have, with the stroke of a pen, given a major boost to our core (Southgate) by moving the Law Enforcement Center to Gordon Hwy. Yea Yea Yea, I have heard all of the reasons why not, but it could have happened, and would have spread the taxspent dollars out this way, plus quadrupled the police presence in an area in dire need of such.

But the beat goes on, don't it? The downtown beat, that is.

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