Get out of Afghanistan now

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I am writing to express my anger and frustration about the brave U.S. troops who continue to be forced into harm’s way for absolutely no good reason!

I am 53 years old, and I clearly remember the very many protests during the Vietnam War. There were literally millions of people who had grown to detest this slaughter of humans on both sides of this war. I am not angry at the U.S. troops who fought in this war – but then, as now, I am angry and frustrated by the ignorance that pervades Washington, D.C., to continue, yet again, to put U.S. troops in harm’s way for absolutely nothing!

The Vietnam War was fought to keep South Vietnam free from communism. Here, again, U.S. troops were called upon to shoulder the overwhelming danger of doing the fighting and dying. My memory is that the Vietnamese troops may as well have not even existed! After years and years of bloody loss, the communists took South Vietnam anyway! Again, what good was accomplished by so much loss by U.S. troops and their families?

Now, we have the asinine quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan, if you can call it that, has even asked the United States to leave. Why in the name of humanity can’t our government see how insulting these ungrateful warring people are to U.S. troops and our country? The “friendlies” killing U.S. troops answers this question!

Timothy Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta, S.C.

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fedex227 11/17/12 - 12:15 am
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Great letter Mr. Bledsoe.

omnomnom 11/17/12 - 06:23 am
some of the "friendlies" have

some of the "friendlies" have been actual American soldiers, too

Fundamental_Arminian 11/17/12 - 09:16 am
Let's stop meddling

Mr. Bledsoe is right. We shouldn't be meddling in other countries' affairs. It puts soldiers' lives at risk and costs too much money--money we don't have.

Politicians from both major parties have involved or kept us in this meddling, supposedly to spread democracy around the world. While they claim that our government, a constitutional republic, is the best government there is, they never try to set up a constitutional government anywhere else--only some vague kind of democracy.

It seems that our leaders, who take liberties with our Constitution, want mainly to set up puppet governments whose leaders will care more about our wants than their people's needs. Meanwhile, Christians in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt--nations we've supposedly liberated--are persecuted more than ever; in fact, many of the Christians in Syria are refugees from Iraq, and they're hoping we don't liberate Syria.

We ought to bring home our troops, as Mr. Bledsoe says.

soapy_725 11/17/12 - 09:26 am
The US political structure has

been fighting a war of global economic colonization since WW I. That is when they realized that the wealth and industrial power of the US could dominate the world. Control the oil vital to industrialization. The political mission has not changed.

The politicians merely assign a "military mission" to the generals. And thee "mission" move forward. The media begin to wave the flag and patriotic songs are written. Reports of innocent casualties are broadcast.

The US begins another campaign to bring American Democracy to sovereign nations who do not want to be Americans.

The US government does not care about wounded and dying soldiers. The US government cares about Global Colonization. We have repeated the British model of world conquest with troops all over t he world. The sun never sets on US soil today. Or the fine young men and women who die to keep us stationed around the world. We praise them for preserving freedom at home. From what we see in the US, this is another lost war. Speaking of WAR. The last WAR was WWII.

harley_52 11/17/12 - 10:08 am

....send your citizens off to fight a war you aren't prepared to win. We haven't won a war since WW II, but we've lost around a hundred thousand men and women fighting wars we consciously decided NOT to win.

We don't even talk about "winning" wars, or "victory" any more.

Our politicians make decisions based upon politics, not national security, not our Nation's best interests, not right versus wrong. They dishonor our Country and the brave men and women who wear the uniform and offer their lives in support of the nation they love.

Bring our forces in Afghanistan home immediately. They are not going to win. Their leaders haven't the guts to win. The lives lost so far have been wasted. The suffering of the soldiers and their families has been for naught.

Who wants to be the last man to die for a war your leaders have no intention to win?

dahreese 11/17/12 - 11:52 am
"Who wants to be the last man

"Who wants to be the last man to die for a war your leaders have no intention to win?"


Why should the leaders fight their own declared wars when they can send an American soldier to do it for them?

swcohen 11/17/12 - 06:04 pm
We outlasted our mission in Afghanistan

Recall that US & (a few) coalition troops entered Afghanistan a month after the 11 September attacks. Our soldiers drove out the Taliban - those were the closest we had to actual perpetrators - fairly easily. They ran for the hills, and we were left holding the keys to a ruined wasteland that had seen several centuries of war, most recently a decade long Soviet occupation.

Now, at this point, our mission was essentially complete. We came, we saw, we kicked some butts. Could have gone home, should have gone home. What did we do instead? We tried a little nation-building, in the hope that a stable democratic Afghanistan would be able to repel future extremist assaults without our assistance.

Hasn't work.

WE HAVE NOT lost our war in Afghanistan... We have lost the peace. The country itself just continues to resist all attempts at being saved from the bad guys. They simply don't care what happens. Time to pack up our gear and drive away.

On a side note, and I don't recall which general said this, but an NPR story quoted him as pointing out that in the back & forth fighting for Kandahar, "All we're doing now is making the rubble bounce."

I remember thinking at the time, "how are we going to tell when we've won?"

harley_52 11/17/12 - 08:21 pm
"WE HAVE NOT lost our war in Afghanistan...

....We have lost the peace. The country itself just continues to resist all attempts at being saved from the bad guys. They simply don't care what happens."

Define "winning" in Afghanistan. Typically, one side wins and one side loses. The loser typically surrenders. The winner dictates the terms of the peace following victory.

Sometimes, the loser just slinks off away from the battlefield without admitting defeat, but without any gains resulting from their warfighting efforts. In these cases, the victor is the party who remains in place and goes on doing whatever they choose with impunity.

While you're at it, define the "enemy" in Afghanistan and, for that matter, in Iraq (which we have also lost).

We've chosen to "fight" both wars with our hands tied behind our backs and without any hope (or intention) to "win."

Again......if you haven't the guts to "win," don't send young men and women off to fight and die.

KSL 11/17/12 - 10:44 pm
Does he have a policy other

Does he have a policy other that selling out and neutering America?

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 11/17/12 - 11:59 pm
Yes, he does, KSL Spread the

Yes, he does, KSL Spread the wealth... to the Middle East and betray Israel.

t3bledsoe 11/19/12 - 11:37 am
This is Tim Bledsoe, the writer of this Letter to Editor.

I want to THANK every one of you for your over-all comments about this letter !! I TRULY BELIEVE THAT SOME OF COMMENTS WERE BETTER THAN MY LETTER !! I don't know the number of readers are in Georgia or South Carolina, but if you are a South Carolinian; and you are frustrated by these quagmires, PLEASE e-mail U.S. Senator Graham at AND U.S. Senator Jim DeMint at


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