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Talk about shocked! I, too, was shocked to read the reply by Joseph O’Connell (“Writer should ‘judge not’,” Nov. 6) concerning Paul Rosenthal’s right-on essay (“Voting your faith in 2012: Social justice, abortion and apples,” Nov. 4).

Hateful? Confessional? Where does Mr. O’Connell get “judgment” in any part of the essay? Facts are facts. Mr. Rosenthal draws his conclusions from the mouths of “Catholics” Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius, just to name a few. They consistently twist and bend Catholic teaching to suit their liberal, anti-Catholic philosophies.

Sorry, Mr. O’Connell, but your criticism does not apply here. And the Thomas Becket quote goes both ways.

Penny Strader


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soldout 11/11/12 - 08:23 am
good letter

didn't read the original letter but sounds like it was supporting the pro-death party (the opposite of prolife has to be prodeath and not pro choice). Can't figure out a way someone votes for a party that celebrates the killing of unborn babies. If you ask a 100 eight year olds they would all probably say killing babies is wrong. To grow up and believe that is right is either some type of demonic oppression, mental illness or something like that. I just can't figure a normal person thinking that way. Also, why would you want to sow a seed of death with a vote like that and expect not to see some negative result in your own life. Just doesn't make sense to me.

soapy_725 11/11/12 - 12:35 pm
Not a Catholic, but they are

dead on 100% correct morally, ethically and Biblically that human LIFE, God inspired LIFE, is the basis upon which all must agree. All of the denominational man inspired traditions aside. If we do not have a right to life. We as humans have nothing. And that may be where we are in 2012. Perhaps we did not know that we do not have a right to live? We have all of these other rights, or do we? And if LIFE is not a guaranteed right, then all of the other stuff that must have a living being to enjoy is B.S.

The right to liberty.
The right vote.The right to jury trial.
The right to bond.
The right of privacy and security in our home.
The right to have a gun.
The right to marry.
The right to medical care.
The right to welfare.

If you are dead, none of this applies. Arise from your sleep. Wipe the matter from your eyes and look around.

Forty, four score, years ago we a Christian Nation brought about the legal slaughter of innocent helpless babies for the sheer desire of an inconvenienced womb. We, a Christian Nation would have aborted Jesus Christ Himself. Not to mention Beethoven and countless other great human beings who contributions we will never know. How many men and women of peace and love have we flushed down the toilet to satisfy sexual irresponsibility?

Ladies, you rights to life end where the right to life of that baby who may only be know to God begins. And He knows. You will be confronted one day with the willful murder, just as all murders are confronted.

We fight moral wars across the world to end needless death and restore freedom of life. Hundreds of thousand of American men and women have given their lives to give others the right to live. Where is the BATTLEFIELD in 2012? Is it in the heart? Is it in the church pulpit? It is in the halls of justice?

We are not a Christian nation. A Christian nation does not murder the innocent. A Christian nation does not embrace idolatry and paganism.
A Christian nation neither accepts a lie or hides the truth. Check you compass church.

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