You call this a compromise?

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I’m sure Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz couldn’t sleep Thursday night, from laughing so hard about the slick one he pulled on the people of Augusta at the press conference earlier that day – merging Augusta State University and GHSU under the “branding name” of Georgia Regents University Augusta, but Georgia Regents University still is the official name.

So now, “Augusta” is part of the name, but not officially? Be honest – this is no different than throwing a bone to your dog in the hope it’ll make him stop barking.

So the name “Augusta” will be included on all merchandising, as part of the logo, etc. “I think we got a great compromise,” said Save The A member Nick Evans. I wasn’t aware this was about “compromise.” Augusta should be part of the official name of the school, period. It’s either going to be part of the name of the school or it isn’t. Where’s the compromise in that?

Ten years from now, John Doe will be cleaning out his closet, and look at that old ball cap he got in college that reads “Georgia Regents University Augusta,” then he’ll stare at the diploma on the wall, which reads “Georgia Regents University.” And for the life of him, he won’t remember why there’s a difference. Yes, that old short attention span that people have – exactly what Azziz is counting on.

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soapy_725 10/30/12 - 09:07 am
PETA has signed on for a covention

in Augusta. The theme of the convention is Beating a Dead Horse. A recent "Gallop Poll" revealed Augusta is the most prolific offender of equine abuse. Mr. Ed will be the keynote speaker.

Fiat_Lux 10/30/12 - 09:18 am
And now people are wondering

...what the heck to do about the "Save the A" signs in their yards...

..and why Nick Evans and Co. settled for such an absurd swindle of a deal. Did any of you really believe people were going to be satisfied with this rip-off?

The anger and disgust just build and build. Azziz in his role as hit man may be doing exactly what Bum Deal and the Bored Regents want him to do, but the piper will be paid, one way or another.

We may finally be worn down to the point of abandoning the fight, which will certainly make the perpetrators of this insult happy, but the fruit will be a community filled with indifference about this institution.

You seem to expect that Augustans will keep pouring their loyalty and support into it at the same level they have over the past 200 years. You'd all best think again.

After all, you mighty men have made it abundantly clear that it is not our institution.

Bulldog 10/30/12 - 10:17 am
No longer

I attended MCG many years ago and for all my adult life felt like it was a second home. No longer...

Jane18 10/30/12 - 01:51 pm
Azziz -Not "as is" Gonna Happen!

Augusta please continue the fight for your name on and for your Universities!

unbiased_propaganda 10/30/12 - 03:43 pm
How dumb does Azziz think we are?

Obviously just as dumb as Mr. Evans and Co. since they were able to convince them that this was a fair compromise.

What an insult! I can't believe I paid for a 4-year degree from a place - including the cost of all the new buildings, new technology, etc. that Augusta State has now - and the name of the school changes into GRU.

When I heard what the 'Save the A' group settled for - I got more frustrated the more I thought about it. How do you give in that easily without even a fight? Since I wasn't present during the negotiations, I would normally give them the benefit of the doubt, but considering how happy Nick Evans sounded about the compromise - I highly doubt there was much of a fight put up AT ALL. Really????

You people have no idea how happy I am that I didn't donate any money to this farcical group.

And who is the person that clicked the thumbs down on the first two comments?? Is that you Mr. Azziz?? Because I would hope a real Augusta resident that cares anything about ASU wouldn't disagree that this 'fair compromise' is just a ploy to get us to shut up for awhile until we just forget about the issue.

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