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The compromise for the new name of the merged Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University shows that those involved just don’t get it.

Augustans should be insulted at the new name – “Georgia Regents University Augusta.” The new name seems to portray an Augusta that got fired up for the sole reason that they wanted their town in the name of the university. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The ire of the CSRA comes from a feeling that, in labeling the consolidated school, the Board of Regents and GHSU President Ricardo Azziz didn’t pay attention to the marketability of that name.

I challenge you: Go look through earlier letters to the editor and rants from the Rants and Raves column. The posts aren’t filled with opinions that “Augusta” should be included in the name for the satisfaction of the area. Rather, they want “Augusta” in the name because it’s an opportunity to market the new school well by connecting it to the city’s international notoriety. That’s why so many of those against the name cited the studies conducted that showed that the University of Augusta was the most popular name.

Where the Board of Regents, university officials and the Save the A campaign got it wrong is that they presumed that the fervor of Augustans came from a pride in their city when it stemmed more so from a concern for what is best for the school.

In throwing together this compromise, those involved created a name that was less marketable than the former name.

I urge those in control of the university name to reconsider. If the University of Augusta or Augusta University can’t be the name, then I believe that Georgia International University should be looked at as a compromise.

Why? Because those names are marketable, and marketability is what we want.

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NrthAugustaSam 10/29/12 - 09:11 am
Dumb and Dumber

They took a crappy name and added "Augusta" to it! Start over people. Also, people need to pay attention. Azziz says this is not the new name but rather Augusta will be included in branding while his crappy name is the legal name.

Fiat_Lux 10/29/12 - 09:56 am
We just got played and nothing more

Those exalted, superior beings have no intention of changing this affront of a name. They couldn't care less that Augustans are angry about it. They simply maneuver around us to do exactly what they have intended all along, which is to make these institutions completely over according to their own vision.

Augusta has absolutely nothing to do with that vision. It simply is the place where the institution is located, probably something they consider a regrettable reality. And Azziz is their hit man: he makes the hits and takes the hits coming back at them. And he will probably get a hit man's reward for it. I don't envy him at all.

Probably we have only two chances of averting the complete usurpation of our local influence and the total cleansing of our history and heritage.

One would be a successful lawsuit by Virginia's Regent University, here' hoping. The other would be to do everything possible to ensure Bum Deal is removed from office and this rotted crop of regents right along with him.

bentman 10/29/12 - 10:36 am
The name fiasco is only a

The name fiasco is only a symptom of the problem. The problem is an infection called Azziz transmitted by a carrier called Deal.

soapy_725 10/29/12 - 03:19 pm
The problem in all of ARC is that

the public world revolves around innumerable pimples on a two hundred pound malignant tumor. The malignant tumor that must be cut out is a non representative form of county government and its thieving cronies. The little pimples will go with the tumor.

Demand accountability at the courthouse in numbers. Call the Secretary of State. They will come to Augusta if enough citizens demand accountability.

The local government has become accustomed to doing whatever, whenever, with whomever it desires with taxpayer funds. Local, state and federal grants. Much like an obese two litre soda addict who cannot stop.

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