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I have had the privilege for many years to serve on the board of AGL Resources, the parent company of Atlanta Gas Light and several other gas utilities operating across the nation. As a director of the company, I have had a window into the increasing role of the federal government in regulating energy supply, and the impact of federal policies on the price and availability of energy.

My position has also allowed me to witness the leadership of U.S. Rep. John Barrow on energy issues. From his support of the Plant Vogtle nuclear facility, to leading a floor debate in the House of Representatives in support of the Keystone oil pipeline, to voting against “cap and trade,” Mr. Barrow has been a consistent pro-energy, pro-U.S. jobs congressman. He understands the critical importance of U.S. energy of all forms, for three primary reasons: increasing supply reduces prices for manufacturers and consumers; U.S. energy creates jobs here; and every ounce of energy produced in America is less that we must import from unfriendly nations.

Mr. Barrow understands that the Keystone oil pipeline is not simply important because of the access that it will provide to North American supply, but because that pipeline would allow us to displace the entire amount of oil that we import from Venezuela, and create thousands of jobs in the United States.

He understands that the tremendous new supply of shale gas in America is good not only for consumers nationwide because it brings down prices, but because there are hundreds of thousands of American families across the nation whose livelihoods benefit from the production of this clean domestic energy. That includes nearly 200 Georgians in Wilkinson County who manufacture products used in natural gas production.

I am grateful that my congressman understands the importance of American energy to American jobs, and that he is such a strong advocate for American energy in all forms. We would do well to have more like him in Washington.

Wyck A. Knox Jr.


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carcraft 10/22/12 - 03:29 am
So Barrow is one more seat in

So Barrow is one more seat in the House that allows Pelosi, and Obama, a chance to control the House again if they win the election and kill more pipe lines? Sounds like a reason to vote Barrow to me! If Pelosi has enough votes she will allow Barrow to vote how he wants, if not he heels at her command and coughs up a vote for her! We could not block the Health care bill because it was passed on a procedural vote. Barrow is one more vote that allows that type of maneuvering.

southern2 10/22/12 - 07:05 am
Agree carcraft....we have

Agree carcraft....we have seen it to many times. It amazes me how he runs as such a conservative every two years thinking that no one sees how he really operates. Why believe the "Folks in DC don't like me" line when we know two that do....Obama and Pelosi. They sure are spending a lot of money on his re-election for someone who takes such a rebellious stand against their policy. Time to Wheel Barrow out because "Folks round here don't like him either!"

wayne2410 10/22/12 - 07:24 am
You are absolutely correct

You are absolutely correct carcraft, I'm glad to see there are others who understand how that works up there. Make no mistake folks, Barrow is Pelosi's puppet when she needs him to be, he can not be trusted.

OpenCurtain 10/22/12 - 08:24 am
Barrow is PRO

Democrat, except around election, when he puts on a trick or treat costume to try and play a moderate.

If he wants to be a republican switch parties after the election IF he still is in office.

Remember, the Republicans need a veto proof majority to make serious changes. Give them 2 years and cast them aside, if they fail to deliver as promised.

nofanofobama 10/22/12 - 08:25 am
agree dont care how

agree dont care how conservative they say barrowis..any chance no matter how remote it is is not worth voting for barrow..pelosi and ried cannot control congress again...we they got in 2006 we have good gdp, unemployment at 4.9 percent ...we actually had budgets and managable deficits..though any deficit is too high...

allhans 10/22/12 - 09:17 am
Each seat in the Senate is

Each seat in the Senate is extremely important to the party involved. Republicans and Democrats are depending on the voters.
Are we to help the Senate Democrats who already have a stronghold on the Senate and under the leadership of Harry Reid refuses to work with the House?.

Jane18 10/22/12 - 11:10 am

Oh yeah, that's Mr.Barrow! And everyone knows you cannot trust a two-faced person. Something else about Barrow, who does he think he is fooling with his gun infomercial?? It does bring a smile to my face,,,then I burst out laughing!

RMSHEFF 10/22/12 - 02:32 pm

Good point Jane18. Barrow is artful at being "all things to all people". Just remember when Nancy needed him he was there for her and in return he was allow to wander off of the progressive reservation when he was not needed so he could give the appearance of being conservative. This has many people fooled.

virgilkane 10/22/12 - 03:13 pm
Thanks for the insight Mr.

Thanks for the insight Mr. Knox! He will get my vote.

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