Insurance system flawed

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A quick note on the health-care issue: Are we better off today? In my family, the definitive answer is yes.

Three of our children now have insurance to help pay for their health care. Our daughter had a cyst break open recently at 2 a.m. A trip to the emergency room ensued. After three hours and two prescriptions, the road to recovery was under way. The emergency room bill was $1,100, and the doctor’s bill has yet to arrive (approximately $300).

Without insurance, she would have owed the full amount of $1,400, period – a bill that probably would be long in getting paid off, if ever. With insurance, there was a $100 copay, and all is taken care of. The actual amount paid the hospital is about $450 because of insurance negotiators (a bill that could and should be paid).

Please tell me there is something un-American about mandating that the uninsured among us pay for insurance so that they are not driven into debt – a debt sometimes three times what us insured people experience with the health-care system taking the brunt in unpaid services.

I only know for sure that there is something wrong with the system. When some politician suggests that the emergency room is an answer, I’d suggest he has no understanding of what he is talking about – a scary position when so many lives are in the balance.

Jeffrey Hall


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Riverman1 10/19/12 - 04:07 am
"Please tell me there is

"Please tell me there is something un-American about mandating that the uninsured among us pay for insurance so that they are not driven into debt – a debt sometimes three times what us insured people experience with the health-care system taking the brunt in unpaid services."

So the uninsured are going to start paying for healthcare insurance? I don't think so.

dichotomy 10/19/12 - 07:15 am
Yes, I would love it if the

Yes, I would love it if the uninsured started paying for insurance. Unfortunately, that is not what is going to happen. The same people who do not pay for insurance now will still not be paying for insurance under Obamacae. Oh, they may HAVE insurance but it will because I am paying for their insurance and my insurance. But my insurance will probably be canceled and I will be thrown into some Medicaid like insurance pool which will give me less coverage than I have now.

We did not fix healthcare. We merely took the next step in facilitating the welfare state dependents.

Young Fred
Young Fred 10/19/12 - 08:01 am
My neighbor refused to pay

My neighbor refused to pay his cable bill. We need a government program that provides cable. It will insure a steady supply of propaganda, and we can just tax the evil/rich to pay the bill.

Jane18 10/19/12 - 09:11 am
To Have or Have Not..

Jeffrey, most of us on here have had insurance and still do, we know what it means when an emergency or health reason comes up. You and your family need to go tell it to the ones that do not have it, never had it, and probably never will have it. Oh well, that won't do any good, they know us idiot taxpayers will be made to cover their behinds! Anyway, I'm happy your family has insurance..........

obkad 10/19/12 - 09:12 am

Does a cyst necessitate a trip to the emergency room? Seems a little extreme to me.....Wonder if a hot compress the old fashion way would have cured this, though I'm certainly no doctor.. I have a very hard time seeing emergency rooms filled up with sore arms, headaches, don't feel good, my toe hurts..... Sure we all wind up in the emergency rooms due to the threat of being sued if we do not attend to these types of issues.....

Darby 10/19/12 - 10:53 am
The times they are a changin'

When I was a kid, I had a cyst break open. It wasn't the middle of the night and my mom could have taken me to the doctor or to the emergency room. What she did was pour some peroxide over the wound and put a bandage over it. The result... the wound healed, the TAXPAYERS DID NOT foot the bill and I DID NOT develop a "victim" mentality. " many lives are in the balance". How on earth did we ever get to this point?

I wonder just how many broken cysts the pioneers had to deal with as they forged their way across the western plains..? None I guess or they would have never made it.

Seriously, a broken cyst? Seriously?

soapy_725 10/19/12 - 10:40 am
A ground elm bark

poultice on a large bandaid. Over night the cyst would be drawn to a head and be removed with the bandaid. Fact.

Pine tar on a penny for a nail puncture in the foot. Inflammation removed. No shots. Fact

Kerosine on a cut will stop t he bleeding. Fact.

Grandma knew how to avoid the ER. Only fractures, pumping arteries and loss of breath required a physician.

We have lost the art of self sufficiency and independence. We have also lost our faith and work ethic.

fthhall21 10/19/12 - 03:37 pm
RE: obkad;Darby

My sister's internal ovarian cyst ruptured........which can be deadly. What would you have done? Not to mention she consciously blacked out for 45 sec., turned pale, and began to shake.
I myself am glad I have insurance. I love hearing my friends argue their points on how everyone just takes takes and takes. In turn I just thank them and shake my head.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 10/19/12 - 07:05 pm

Jeffrey Hall wrote:

Please tell me there is something un-American about mandating that the uninsured among us pay for insurance.

Yes, Jeffrey, there is something un-American about the government mandating people to buy something. There is something equally un-American about the government forcing me to pay (through taxes) for someone else's medical care, or their school lunch, or their child's baby formula, or their child's milk, or someone's else's food, or someone else's phone, or someone else's heating bill.

There is something fundamentally wrong with what we have allowed our government to do to us.

Augusta resident
Augusta resident 10/19/12 - 09:30 pm
I'm insured

I have good insurance but that trip would have cost me around $700. Family deductible, copay and my 20%. Not to mention my premiums. Total out of pocket that month would have been $1100.

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