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There are fewer than 30 days remaining until an election that can only be described as a pivotal moment in defining our country’s future. When we consider the ever-increasing encroachment of the government into our daily lives, the crippling debt, high unemployment and the lack of strong moral and ethical leadership, it is clear that our country is at a crossroads.

This is a crucial time in the history of our country. It is paramount that we retake the White House and both houses of Congress. It is time to take control of our spiraling debt and provide the jobs to move our economy forward again. It is time to free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil, and become self-sufficient and oil-independent. It is time to again restore America’s pre-eminence in world affairs. It is time for everyone to get actively involved. These are achievable goals, but we must work together these last few weeks.

If you are interested in being part of the solution, then contact the Richmond County Republican Party at (706) 723-9886, or visit our headquarters in the National Hills Shopping Center on Washington Road for signs, bumper stickers or to volunteer your time.

Get involved. Your nation needs you!

Bob Finnegan


(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party.)

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swcohen 10/14/12 - 03:12 am
Happy Days reruns on TV?

Yep, things'll be so much better with a posse of angry white guys in charge. So you'll "take the country back?" To when, 1957? Those sure were the days, weren't they?

Remember this: We ARE the government... of, by, and for US. We get exactly the government that we deserve.

Young Fred
Young Fred 10/14/12 - 03:56 am
“Happy Days”, angry white

“Happy Days”, angry white guys? The two seem to be mutually exclusive.

Using your narrative, “these days” are certainly great, aren't they? An executive branch that knows no limitations and ignores the law . A news media that turns a blind eye. A populace that ignores promises made. A populace, raised by the modern public education system that automatically assumes each and everything from the '70s on back is backwards, evil, bigoted, and unworthy of emulation.

Don't underestimate the common man, he has a propensity for self preservation.

dichotomy 10/14/12 - 09:43 am
swcohen........."with a posse

swcohen........."with a posse of angry white guys in charge."

There you go folks. If you oppose giving away the money you have earned to our socialist government so they can send welfare checks, free housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free cell phones to their perfectly healthy and able bodied constituents, then you are an "angry white guy".

If you oppose having the money you earned passed out to "green energy" companies, mostly run by Democrat contributors, that immediately go bankrupt and obscond with the money, then you are an "angry white guy".

If you oppose losing your employer provided health insurance and being thrown into the equivalent of Medicaid, then you are an "angry white guy".

I really don't think of myself as an "angry white guy" but if that works for you it's fine with me. I am mad as hell at the incompetence of the Obama administration at every aspect of domestic and foreign policy. I prefer to think of myself as part of the 53% of the people paying ALL of the federal taxes. I am working to elect somone I HOPE will CHANGE the direction of this countriy's economy before it keeps going FORWARD over the cliff. I don't want to go back to the 1950s but I also don't want to go to the 2020s that we have awaiting us if we keep this president and this Democrat controlled Senate. I've seen what Greece is going through and I don't want me or my kids to have to live through that.

"to take control of our spiraling debt and provide the jobs to move our economy forward again" is a far cry from taking us back to 1957 so your childish racist rhetoric doesn't even make sense.

Good letter Mr. Finnegan. I agree. It's time to elect some representatives who actually understand the private sector economy and how to balance a checkbook.

willie7 10/14/12 - 08:52 pm
Propaganda is really working

Propaganda is really working as one republican has said, Keep it coming and we will win the excuitiveoffice. It is amazing that the "angry wite guys" feed off the propaganda

TrulyWorried 10/20/12 - 06:06 am
Correction needed

All these comments are dated October 14 - someone better check it!

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