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So letter writer Victor Reilly again is the enlightened one, and everyone else who disagrees are the buffoons (“An informed vote is vital” Sept. 21).

I’m glad Mr. Reilly voted in the 1944 election. That means he got to enjoy the real-estate boom in the 1960s and ’70s, and the stock market boom in the 1980s and ’90s.

I also have voted in every presidential election since 1976. My candidate won five times and lost four times. Also, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for most of that time. Mr. Reilly can thank the 100-year industrial revolution and the 30-year technology revolution for whatever financial prosperity he has enjoyed, because who was president or who controlled Congress had little overall effect on the difference. Whatever Congress did in the past 25 years was usually a drag on said economy.

But the politicians of both political parties are in bed together on one issue that will be the ruin of us all. They have spent money like drunken sailors and borrowed money that can never be paid back. When the “party” is over, the government – and not business – can take credit for the total economic collapse that is coming, as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow. What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back – $20 trillion, $25 trillion, $50 trillion? Let’s just keep our heads in the sand and keep rolling the dice year after year.

In my 10th presidential election, I guess I’ll be throwing my vote away – and I don’t mean on the “crazy aunt in the attic.”

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shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 09/25/12 - 07:42 am
Good letter

I too started voting in 1976. I've voted both Dem and Rep I'm 7-2.
I'm better off now than I was 4 years ago but the President had nothing to do with it.

faithson 09/25/12 - 08:35 am

yep, this letter is on target. Now how we get the extremes in both parties to compromise and move forward ? allowing the media pundits to drive the tone of conversation is NOT going to work. We need more Senator Colburn's out there telling it like it is.

dichotomy 09/25/12 - 10:13 am
"the government – and not

"the government – and not business – can take credit for the total economic collapse that is coming, as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow"

Mr. Oates......ain't that the truth. We have reached the point Ben Franklin warned us about. The voters have learned that they can vote themselves money and take it from others. As surely as the businesses and individuals that are leaving California in droves today, businesses and the people who can afford to do so will be leaving the U.S. and seeking places with a better, friendlier environment for doing business and keeping more of what you earn. The "voters" will soon have nobody left to tax and no credit to borrow more money. They are not smart enough to see that in their crazed greed to take from others....but as you say, it will happen as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow.

The "rich" can take care of themselves and relocate to a better place if necessary. I don't know what the rapidly growing "47%" are going to do when there is nobody left to tax and nobody left to blame but themselves.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 09/25/12 - 05:43 pm
It would either take a

It would either take a complete fool or a person whose mission was utter economic collapse to continue on this path.

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