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Recently I was running errands and one of my stops took me to Walmart. In the food section, a young lady pushed an enormous trash can to the bread counter marking through the prices on breads and cakes and tossing them into the can. All of this food was to be tossed, I was told – all marked-down food is thrown away. The waste of this food is a crime, and hard for me to shut up about.

That night, this piece popped up in the Yahoo! science news feed: More than 50 million Americans couldn’t afford to buy food at some point in 2011, according to federal data.

Someone tell me this is not real.

Mile Ferguson


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soapy_725 09/23/12 - 08:03 am
We are the most wasteful of nations

this is criminal. Waste not, want not. But the statistics of "hunger in America" are greatly politicized. Many profit personally from the stats on those that are "hungry". Most people would say that some point everyday, they are "hungry". Usually before their next meal.

As for those that do not know where their next meal is coming from, the nanny state will provide. Add to that the number of churches and non profit soup kitchens that find joy in feeding you whetehr you are in need or not.

Hunger in America is ral for a few. Most who say they have niothing to eat or chlothes to wear have not asked for same. Often you do not have to ask.

We have personally worked for years with "non profit social services"
in the CSRA and we subscribe to "find out the truth". Support those agancies that have a proven record, i.e. Golden Harvest and The Salvation Army. Verify the need. Give to those who are truly, hunger, without shelter or clothes.

InChristLove 09/23/12 - 08:58 am
Because of health and food

Because of health and food regulations outdated food has to be thrown away...if food is close to expiration date some stores place on clearance but if expired they are required by law to throw it away.

It's possible that some expired food would still be good but can you imagine someone receiving this food and getting deathly sick....they'd sue the cashier, the owner, and the company.

Might be hard for you to shut up about it but it's the law and I seriously doubt it's going to change. I do believe there are some places that donate food that is close to expiration date but once it expires I don't believe they can donate it and they can't sell it.

Fiat_Lux 09/23/12 - 10:55 am
But bread?

It's easy to tell when bread is not fit to eat, and even a small mold spot can be removed and leave the rest of the slice or loaf fine to eat.

What makes sense is placing expired items that clearly are still fit for consumption outside behind the store in a protected location and letting people decide for themselves. And some stores used to do just that until we became such a relentless nanny state.

harley_52 09/23/12 - 02:39 pm
Why Don't....

..these starving people go to the trash heaps around big stores (like Walmart) and find the edible bread that's been thrown away.

I doubt the 50 million hungry citizens claim. I'd love to see the survey question that resulted in that statistic (if indeed there is one).

Probably something like...."in the past year have you ever felt hungry, when you didn't have enough money in your pocket to buy food?"

If anybody in the United States is starving, it's most likely their own fault.

dstewartsr 09/23/12 - 05:43 pm
In Obama's America

... you are classified as "poor" if you do not live as well as the people working to pay for your lifestyle. If you're not living as well as those you're supporting because of their free housing, food, clothes, medical care, cell phones, paid tuition and all, you are what this administration refers to in their in-house documents as "suckers."

swcohen 09/23/12 - 05:45 pm
Harley, in the 1970's I

Harley, in the 1970's I worked for an electronics retailer in a strip shopping center that also had an A&P grocery. One day while taking out our trash, I encountered an A&P stockboy throwing away a bunch of packaged and canned foods, and yes, bread. Stuff all looked okay to me, but the clerk said that he'd been told to throw it out, since it was all past its sell-by dates. I started rooting through it, and he said "help yourself, man. Just don't wait too long... it goes fast."

I picked out some things I knew my folks would eat, and took them back in with me... we were poor, but not starving... but money was tight in those days, and little windfalls like this helped. At the end of my workday, I loaded up and rode my bike around to the dumpster to see if there was anything else worth saving... and it was all gone, even the wilted produce, even the meat.

I worked there for six more months, and I found that I had to time it just right... catch a grocery stockboy taking out the trash... or the dumpster would be picked clean by the time I got to it. I quickly figured out that there were a lot of people who weren't too proud to dumpster dive and take their chances with thrown away food. Recessions do that to folks. Most days I let other people have it all.

To the letter writer... don't worry about that food going to waste. Most of it will be eaten.

harley_52 09/23/12 - 06:29 pm
To the letter writer... don't worry about that food...

...don't worry about that food going to waste. Most of it will be eaten."

I think the letter writer is far less worried about the alleged "50 million Americans" who "couldn’t afford to buy food at some point in 2011" than he is about damning American society for being so uncaring and greedy.

He has an agenda to push which is that rich Americans and big corporations (represented here by Walmart) are so uncaring and greedy that 50 million people are starving and those rich, greedy folks just don't care.

If you believe that, you're probably an Obama supporter since he's the one who wants to take all these imaginary starving people, put them on federal subsidy, and issue them a democrat ballot for the next election.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 09/23/12 - 09:58 pm
True story from this weekend

I bought some high-dollar bratwursts on Saturday and grilled them on a wood fire – beautiful char-brown color. The wifey cooked up some great baked beans inside and made a delicious home-made cole slaw. When we sat down at the table, we discovered there was no open mustard container, so wifey dug through the pantry. She found an unopened one and we broke the seal. The color was not yellow, but more of an olive green. There was a crusty, dry ring at the top. I inserted a knife and mixed up the crusty stuff with the brownish stuff on the bottom and we enjoyed supper.

When I looked at the mustard container later, I saw it said, BEST BY 6/14/09. I'm testifying that we are both still here, and we didn't have to have our stomachs pumped at the emergency room.

Those "expiration dates" and "best by dates" are so much bunk. Our "best by 2009" mustard was probably purchased in 2006, and it was still perfectly good.

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