Why are we still in Mideast?

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Regarding the U.S. Embassy attacks in the Middle East: I don’t know but it seems to me that we continue to try to buy peace there.

This is a region that has been in turmoil and conflict for more than 2,000 years. I often wonder: What are we doing there? Most of the people are undereducated, and living in a culture that likely never will be educated; their belief is that the only God is Allah, and if you are not a believer in Islam and Muhammad’s Quran, you are an infidel and should be annihilated.

I have crudely said in the past that we should move the people out of Israel and any other peace-loving Muslims from that region and then drop the big one, turn the entire region into a sheet of glass and quit worrying about it.

We do not need their oil; we have plenty here if we are allowed access to it. Why do we have such an influx of Muslims into the Western world? Is it because they do not want to live in that desert region; is it because they want to spread Islam; or is it because they want to be implanted in the Western world when their big jihad is fully launched?

I don’t know. I hope for the best, but continue to wonder.

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faithson 09/19/12 - 12:59 am
this does not show much intelligence about Muslims

Why the editorial board would publish such an ignorant piece on the Muslim religion only shows how tainted the board truly is.

seenitB4 09/19/12 - 07:31 am
wait a minute

Some of what he said makes sense....we do have nuts in every religion....we do need to use our own oil.....they have said they want to KILL all infidels....we are the ones they are talking about....they have killed many innocents here in the USA.....
Sooo.....don't begrudge his blasting off....dang I have said ztuff B4 .....especially when I saw the innocents jumping from the towers in NYC......they are still trying to kill us btw.....

We are not ironclad in protection & when a big one goes off in a huge American city....think about it....I'm sorry guys.....I can't trust em!

Jane18 09/19/12 - 07:52 am
Just who is really the ignorant wacko maniac?

faithson and shrimp, remember this: you are an infidel to a muslim(unless you have proclaimed your allegiance to Islam and not told us), and you do know how they feel about infidels, don't you?? I agree with Mr.Zimmerman, and I do NOT trust them either seenit!

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 09/19/12 - 07:56 am

If the jihadists use a nuclear weapon on US soil we will find out who was responsible and wipe them out but not with nukes. The fragile alliance between Russia and the US would fall apart if the US responded with Nukes. God help us if it came to that. The two biggest boys on the block would finally end up coming to blows after 65 years of shaky saber rattling.
If you ask me Iran needs to be wtched closely because they're building a weapon.
Peaceful purposes my rear end. If they get a bomb they wouldn't hesitate to use it on Israel. Life means nothing to people who think God wants them to wage war.
That's what scares the heck out of me. They actually believe that God wants them to wipe out all non-muslims.
You can't argue with that mindset. The thing is that the Iranian people are actually peaceful. It's the religious leaders who run the country. They may have a President but the Ayatollas run the country.

dichotomy 09/19/12 - 08:51 am
Heh heh heh. Give Mr.

Heh heh heh. Give Mr. Zimmerman a break.

"This is a region that has been in turmoil and conflict for more than 2,000 years."


"What are we doing there?"

Good question.

"Most of the people are undereducated, and living in a culture that likely never will be educated"

Somewhat true. Depends on country. We all know that many mideast countries controlled by radical Muslim regimes discourage education of females and have on basic schooling or madrassas for the boys where they mainly memorize and chant the Quran.

"if you are not a believer in Islam and Muhammad’s Quran, you are an infidel and should be annihilated"

Well,he forgot the forcibly converted and/or killed part but that is basically what the book says.

And then he went off with "then drop the big one, turn the entire region into a sheet of glass and quit worrying about it".

Two words for you. Hiroshima, Nagasaki. There were women and children and I am sure there were good, peace loving adults who's only crime was being Japanese there too.....but it DID stop the foolishness and saved 10s of thousands of American lives. Probably not a practical solution today, but it has been done and it did work.

I don't think Mr. Zimmerman was seriously advocating "turning the entire region into a sheet of glass" anymore than I am totally serious when I say "Bring home our troops. Bring home our money. Warm up the cruise missiles and the bombers." It's just a way of saying quit trying to buy them off, quit kotowing to their feigned religious sensitivity, leave them alone and if they come mess with us then blow them up. If we pumped and refined our own oil you would not be able to find 10 Americans who could name more than 2 countries in the middle east and one of them would be Israel.

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 09/19/12 - 09:24 am

I agree. We need to pull out of that part of the world and let them live the way they want to. It's difficult to believe that it's just a few extreamists doing this when the pictures on TV show large crowds.

So why are we there? Why are we losing American lives? Why are we sending them billions of dollars in aid? The answer is access to cheap oil, but we all know too well that isn't working every time we go to the pump!

We need to stop our dependancy on oil from those regions. We also need to defend Isrial from a 360 degree threat. It's painfully obvious that the only way to do these is to elect a new president.

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 09/19/12 - 11:10 am

I am not a Muslim. You seem to have lumped them all together and that's not right.

Jane18 09/19/12 - 03:42 pm
Shrimp's comment

You know something, Shrimp? Until someone in that "lump" jumps out and says that the muslim extremists are wrong*, we must consider the fact that all of them hate us and want to either kill or rule over us. They have been taught that we are "the great satan", and except for a few, and I do mean few, brave men And women, no one ever takes up for America. I, for one, am sick and tired of them and others thinking they can say and do anything against us, you and me...America!! Every time the taliban or some rag-tag group gets away with something as murderous attacks, burning our flag, cursing America, it only strengthens them for the next time. I did not actually mean that you were a muslim, could you not make that distinction? If you could not, I apologize for the misunderstanding. And that fragile alliance you spoke about America and Russia, it is only a make-believe alliance. Russia has made many allies of the nations that hate us. *As we do not accept the extremist views of the family from Kansas claiming to be CHRISTians!

gargoyle 09/19/12 - 08:35 pm
We don't get as much oil from

We don't get as much oil from the Middle East as most seem to think. Last I heard we import less than 15% from that part of the world and export a lot of refinded product back,we export a bunch of gasoline alone. A pipe line from Canada would have cut their share of the pie quite a bit.I guess we must be trying to buy love,Hows that working out?

myfather15 09/19/12 - 09:23 pm

You're right, there are a lot of Iranian people who are decent human beings. They began protests of their radical administration in 2009 and begged America for help. What did Obama do? Nothing, sat back and watched them die. But he sends assistance to Al Qaeda when they start a rebellion in Libya. Just doesn't sound right to me.

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