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I don’t support the “Georgia Regents University” name for the merger of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, but I offer a compromise. I’ve experienced many mergers in my 82 years.

One solution I have observed, and I offer it as a possible solution, is that on all communications, especially degrees, use: “Augusta State University, member of the Georgia Regents University System”; or “Georgia Health Sciences University, member of the Georgia Regents University System.”

The words “member of the Georgia Regents University System” could be used as shown above, or could be at the bottom of memos, signs, business cards, degrees, etc., so as to give recognition to the institutions in existence prior to the creation and the result of GRU. This also would solve any future colleges or universities that may be incorporated into GRU.

George Odell

North Augusta, S.C.

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Fiat_Lux 09/17/12 - 01:26 am
Nah, the umbrella thing won't cut it

The name just vacuums in every way. There is no way to make it more palatable. Everybody hates it and it's more loathsome as time goes on. And everyone is dreading the day when we're forced to add it to anything.

Now, sadly, people are looking forward to the day that Azziz leaves. He has turned out to be THE dumbest smart guy ever to hit Augusta. And, unbelievably, he honestly thinks he's just doing his job by taking "the big hits". It would be amusing if his dismissive attitude weren't destroying what he's trying to build.

Riverman1 09/17/12 - 05:09 am

I've been saying the umbrella solution is the way out of this mess from almost the start. Few want the silly regents name, but if we are stuck with it, there has to be a way to differentiate the undergrad school from the medical school. Common sense tells us each division will be called SOMETHING. What better way than to keep ASU and GHSU above the GRU name?

Riverman1 09/17/12 - 05:21 am
The kind of people who bother

The kind of people who bother me most are those who don't have the ability and insight who end up in positions of authority. They become antagonistic and rigid around others. That seems to fit Azziz, but there is another possibility.

What happens with medical school presidents is they have to depend on administrators. They have never truly been administrators in the past because every hospital has administrators at every level dedicated to that task while the hospital chief, president or whatever the title is, keeps the physicians under control. That's his only concern.

So a new medical school president gets thrown into a place where he has no way of knowing the history and nuances of to manage. It's the administrators who have to give him the necessary information that he has to be wise enough to use.

Our breakdown here is either the administrators didn't do their jobs and present the facts of this naming fiasco to him or he ignored them due to his lack of insight. The circumstances will come out with time as this monumental mistake will be examined often.

Tullie 09/17/12 - 06:18 am
GRU Compromise

What about the law suit from the Regent University of Virginia? I haven't seen anything on that lately. It might not be a matter of compromising.

And I found this, when Riverman was talking on another thread about the first time Azziz changed the name. I thought this was an odd comment that he made when asked about it:

Staff reporter Meg Mirshak live tweeted from a forum at Georgia Health Sciences University. GHSU President Ricardo Azziz and ASU Interim President Shirley Strum Kenny answered questions about the consolidation of the two universities..This was taken from the University Merge Forum, 16 August 2012:

Student Q: why second name change in two years? Azziz: we thought we were done #GRU

Tullie 09/17/12 - 06:29 am
From MCG Today Summer/Fall 2010 Vol 38 No.1

Copied this out of their magazine online, this is what he paid over $300,000 for the signage to change back then...interesting reading.

The website is

Relying heavily on recommendations from the University
Faculty Senate, Azziz’s Faculty Satisfaction Action Team
will address concerns such as satisfaction as administrative
bureaucracy, communications and development, and reward
and recognition. “Many initiatives to improve satisfaction are
already well underway,” Azziz said.
In keeping with the goal of elevating the university’s
national prominence – and following through on an idea
that had been discussed for years – Azziz in September asked
for state approval to change the university’s name from
the Medical College of Georgia to Georgia Health Sciences
The University System of Georgia Board of Regents
approved the new name Sept. 15. The Medical College of
Georgia name will now be used as the name for the School of
Medicine. The other four schools will also adopt college names
– the College of Allied Health Sciences, the College of Dental
Medicine, the College of Graduate Studies and the College of
Azziz and other MCG officials engaged the university’s many
constituent groups, including alumni, students, faculty, staff
and corporate and community leaders prior to the Board of
Regents’ approval.
All of the new names become official Feb. 1 to give the
university time to change stationery, signage and other items
that bear the university’s former name.
Azziz said the new name reflects the changes the institution
has gone through since its founding as a medical school in
“Georgia Health Sciences University better defines our
institution as what it is – a comprehensive health sciences
university and a modern academic health center,” Azziz said.
“In this competitive world of rankings and reputation, we
believe the new change will allow us to achieve the national
prominence and recognition that this university community so
richly deserves.”
In addition to prior surveys supporting the willingness of
the academic community to accept a name change, Dr. Azziz
commissioned a survey of faculty and administrators at health
sciences institutions across the country that showed roughly
half had never heard of MCG, and of those that had, only a third
thought it was a health sciences university. Most respondents
believed it to be a stand-alone medical school. The survey,
conducted by Kennesaw State University’s A.L. Burruss Institute
for Public Service and Research, showed that overall only 18
percent of respondents knew MCG was a comprehensive health
sciences university.
The name change will not affect the MCG Health System,
Inc. or MCG Health, Inc. Both entities will retain their names, a
reflection of their strong connection to the university’s medical
“Georgia Health Sciences University truly indicates the
institution’s status as a comprehensive health sciences
university that benefits the citizens of this state and nation
as a whole, and the board’s approval is a testament to our
commitment to its mission,” said Willis Potts, chairman of the
University System of Georgia Board of Regents

CobaltGeorge 09/17/12 - 06:56 am
Gotta A Question.

Has anybody seen his Birth Certificate?

His Thinking and Actions sounds too familiar.

OpenCurtain 09/17/12 - 08:02 am
Anybody Interested

in volunteering for a GRU Protest letter signing.
@Multiple locations.

Anyone interested in helping?

Details to be firmed up and announced once reviewed.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 09/17/12 - 08:01 am
Fiat Nailed It

Fiat Lux's post #1 above brings us back on subject. The issue is not "Augusta" in the name, but rather the hideous, grotesque, smarmy, vain, arrogant name "Regents."

Continue to protest the GRU brand.

Hey, when I was typing my list of adjectives above, I saw a new spelling:


Riverman1 09/17/12 - 01:19 pm
LL, true the name is bad, but

LL, true the name is bad, but if we can just use it as an umbrella it will mean no more than the University System of Georgia sign currentely up at ASU. Shoot, if Azziz leaves we may even wind it down altogether over time. Anything, but GRU as the actual working names.

galaxygrl 09/17/12 - 11:12 pm

I would help, OpenCurtain.

namlive 09/18/12 - 09:33 pm
The solution is simple.

The solution is simple. Change the name of Augusta to Regents.

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