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About merging Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University under the name “Georgia Regents University”:

The name “Medical College of Georgia” should be the name. It has been known for years as MCG, and everybody knows it by that name. These long, detailed names are not as useful as some may think; they are what a person wants as his or her signature. GHSU President Ricardo Azziz has done nothing but put his signature on changes, not thinking what the change may do to this prestigious institution. To name it “Georgia Regents University” does not do it justice.

I have no connection to the school, and do not think the students had any input into the naming. Azziz tried closing a main street, and will try any other thing he can think of to put his signature on. Azziz needs to go back where he came from, or somewhere else, and leave this medical college alone. It was doing great before he came.

You will lose students because of the name change and his radical, selfish ideas. Azziz should leave and take his ideas somewhere else.

I also think Augusta State should be separate, although they overlap some courses. It is a very good college and should stand alone with its own name. Ask the students – not some person who is so selfish that he wants his signature on all things to make his place in history.

This already is backfiring, and I hope the students keep fighting for their rights!

Betty J. Moore


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CryoCyberTronics 09/07/12 - 01:18 am
So You Say That Dr, Aizziz To Leave Augusta

Remember the episode of Ron Sterling's series the twilight zone anthology about the this man who had spent a lifetime trying to catch the devil. Than once the man finally catches the devil. He informs his assistant that he has the devil locked up behind a door in a holding room and not to open the door where the devil is trapped, but out of curiosity the assistant unlocks and opens the door to see whats in the room and  when he opens the door the devil escapes. So now the assistant himself vows to his master to recapture the devil again and he too spends a lifetime in doing so. After he succeed in recapturing the devil again he informs his housekeeper of how he had mistakingly let the devil getaway from his masters trap a lifetime ago. He also inform his housekeeper at this time that no mater what kind of sounds or voices that she may hear conning from behind the locked door that under no circumstances what so ever should she open the locked door in which he has  detain  the devil there of. The master says to the house keeper that he has unfinished business to take care of in town and has to leave for a short time and once again confirms to his housekeeper for her not to open the door. Than the master leaves and soon after the devil begins to makes a howling sound, and the housekeeper becomes  afraid, but not opens the door. Than the devil starts to cry for help in a sorrowful crying males voice. The house keeper starts to have doubts that the devil could be captured and trapped behind the locked door. So she goes and unlocks and opens the locker door. At which time the devil  escapes again...

The moral is that you can catch the devil but you can't keep a hold of him...

Maybe Augusta should try and keep a hold of Dr. Oizzie for all time sakes and see what happens... maybe just maybe he too like the devil in Ron Sterling's Twilight Zone episode will escape...!!!

batya 09/07/12 - 11:35 am
Cryo, I just can't let this

Cryo, I just can't let this go: You used "than" (a conjunction) when "then" (an adverb) should be used (i.e. "Than the devil..."). Sorry, it's a pet peeve.

Ms. Moore, I agree with you 110%!

socks99 09/07/12 - 06:59 pm
In this very public fight --

In this very public fight -- just as when Mike Adams took on Dooley -- one ought expect the Regents to stick-up for the man they hired; this, by itself, is proper.

Yet, the promised funds for expansion of facilities in Augusta can only come by reductions elsewhere, an unlikely fresh torrent of state spending, or, most likely, by renewed freshets of bonded indebtedness. When/if Azziz realizes the last course has become untenable, and the other two impossible, then he'll see himself the Regent's cannot put their money where their mouths have been. Not to worry, an honorable man, in such a situation, knows what to do!

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