Wake up, GRU protesters!

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Wake up, Augusta! Until you learn how to protest, you will be blowing smoke.

Where are the protesters marching outside of Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz’s office? Where are the protesters outside the offices of the members of the Georgia Board of Regents? No, you will continue to write letters and whine at meetings to no avail. And like most causes, it will die a slow death until something else catches the news media’s attention.

All Azziz and the Board of Regents have to do is sit back and wait. You have no leader or someone like the Revs. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to nudge you on.

Wake up or shut up.

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avidreader 09/05/12 - 05:45 am
Good Point!

I haven't read any "protest" letters in the Chronicle over the past week. It's the same old spin everyday. I like this letter; it says a lot about people wanting something badly, but not taking the extra steps required to get it. And I agree, Azziz will simply wait it out until our community jumps onto some other issue. After all, the name GRU isn't the Vietnam War.

wordwright 09/05/12 - 06:40 am
Or until the lawsuit ...

They may change their tune when the lawsuit is filed by Regent University from Virginia. Then, on top of the $45,000 spent on a marketing study, the taxpayers will be on the hook for more money.

But, Mr. Slechta, you are right about an organized protest. Most likely the problem is that people can't be away from their jobs or students can't miss classes to be there. However, the letter-writing and other measures should carry enough weight with our governance to make a difference. While the BOR are appointed and not responsible to the voters, the governor who appoints them is--I for one will remember come election time.

seenitB4 09/05/12 - 08:22 am
The writer is right

Emails--letters--protests aimed at the heart of the trouble ......exactly!

scamp1 09/05/12 - 10:28 am
Wait it out

You're so right, Wordwrite - no pun intended. The faculty and staff at both institutions are afraid to protest - Azziz is known for firing anyone who disagrees with him and they need their jobs. Students and faculty are busy with classes. Azziz, the Chancellor, the Board of Regents, and the Governor are just waiting it out. Maybe the lawsuit will help. The Chancellor and Board of Regents only have to answer to the Governor. However, our legislators can control funding. Azziz has shown he answers to no one.

The Chronicle has shown that Azziz pushed for the name GRU. The name was not in the original list - it was Azziz's idea. In addition to the $45,000 wasted on the ignored marketing study, I wonder how much was spent by Azziz it travel to talk to the members of the Board of Regents. What power does Azziz have over the Board of Regents and the Chancellor?

The whole "merger" has gone against all Board of Regents policies. It has been accomplished in a illogical, secretative, dishonest, and ill-planned manner. The name "GRU" is just icing on a very smelly cake.

OnTheHill1 09/05/12 - 07:09 pm
Upcoming Board Of Regents Public Meetings

September - 2012 - NO REGULAR MEETING (Strategic Planning Session – Georgia College & State University
October 9-10, 2012 - University of Georgia - Athens, GA
November 13-14, 2012 - Board Room, Atlanta
December 2012 - NO MEETING (unless press of business requires it)

Arrange to be on the agenda at the October and November public portion of the meetings, assure the press is adequately represented, Augusta Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, TV, Radio (Austin Rhodes), The Daily Show, Colbert Report (to the last 2, all of the BOR and Azziz shenanigans plead for a satirical response).

Come with 5 simple questions (distribute to the press beforehand). The BOR will not answer the questions in October, therefore decline an e-mail or letter response, instead promise to return in November to receive their response (you want the press to hear their response, or likely non-response). Potential questions:

1. Please describe your renaming decision process that ignored the findings of the Consolidation Committees, the local public and political opinions, the $45,500 study and the warned legal action by Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA?

2. Considering the financial crisis the state is suffering, please describe your internal financial auditing process of the GHSU President's office, specifically in such discretionary spending as entertainment and travel?

3. Who is responsible for executive oversight of the GHSU President to maintain accountability?

4. Have you investigated the truth or fiction of the oft reported intimidation tactics and abuse of GHSU employees practiced by the GHSU President?

5. Can you please publish the already spent and projected future costs of the GHSU/ASU merger, to include but not be limited to, new signage, stationary, badges, promotional trinkets, marketing plan, travel, entertainment, consultants, litigation to fight the Regent University lawsuit?

Who will lead the caravan to Athens? And do all the prep work to make it an effective trip?

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