Public input denied on name

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The name of the merged Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University is not the primary issue. The real issue is the undermining of the democratic process.

GHSU President Ricardo Azziz acted as if he had chosen this process for the naming of the university. He got an entire community involved in the process. When he chose to ignore the outcome of the very process he instituted, he became untrustworthy.

For him to have done this in an election year is abominable. The Board of Regents and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal should use the process he chose to decide the name. We deserve to know that our votes count.

Mary Fay Videon


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palmetto1008 09/03/12 - 07:20 am
Mary, you are a bit confused

Mary, you are a bit confused about what you have the right to vote on and that there was no "democratic process" involved or intending I naming the school.

Fiat_Lux 09/03/12 - 10:30 am
Nevertheless, and despite the killjoys,

Widespread community input was sought and encouraged, regional and national surveys were done, and all were completely disregarded as of no value at all. That kind of gratuitous insult to the community-- a community that, by the way, had very high hopes of very big things ahead-- along with a total misrepresentation of the real selection process amounts to an act that Americans, especially Southern Americans are not used to dealing with.

We expect that people are telling us the truth, or essentially the truth, unless they are politicians. We expect that people in positions of leadership in the community will exemplify upstanding character qualities--again, with the exception of politicians. And the character expectation goes double for the fields of education and medicine. Those two are areas where being able to trust the leadership is absolutely essential, and historically has been almost as a matter of course.

But Dr. Azziz betrayed us all. He built up our expectations, he wasted people's time and spent our money for a sham. He was treacherous, and now he is being condescending and arrogant. His determination simply to ignore all the outrage is pretty darn infuriating. How a guy as smart as he reportedly is doesn't grasp the importance of all this is a genuine head-scratcher, unless someone secretly is threatening his family's safety should he make the slightest attempt at reconciliation.

You just hate to see great and rare opportunity squandered this way, when it could have be avoided so easily with even a modest amount of grace and poise.

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