'AIM' for better school name

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The Board of Regents could end the Georgia Regents University controversy with a win-win strategy for a best-fit name – using the term “institute,” and keeping all current names of colleges and universities therein.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a University System of Georgia school example with divisions called colleges. An umbrella name such as the Augusta Institute of Arts and Medicine – with “Arts” referring to liberal arts, which includes science – preserves the names Medical College of Georgia, Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University as divisions.

The major cancer research center could be the Augusta Institute of Medicine, AIM, with a public-relations slogan such as “AIM – aiming for the cure.” If the regents omit all words like “medicine” in our new name, future medical research funding may be unlikely. “Augusta” polls well. Over time with funding, AIAM can become a Research I institution, but “Rome was not built in a day.”

With AIAM, the regents win time, money and credibility. Money is saved by avoiding lawsuits and by creating easier marketing tasks. It is faster and cheaper to add plaques “A Division of ...” to all existing campus signs rather than to replace them. The regents and GHSU President Ricardo Azziz would gain credibility as competent stewards for state resources, showing they have the integrity and intelligence to choose fair and logical solutions.

A responsible name like AIAM frees up state monies for equipment, buildings and faculty statewide. It makes clear Azziz’s and the regents’ true intentions.

Augusta wins an honest chance at that Research I institution; keeps its proud history; and is allowed back on the team.

With the legislative will and a correct set of priorities, we can finally get down to business.

Michelle Benedict


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Riverman1 09/03/12 - 06:59 am
I'll buy that. It's kind of

I'll buy that. It's kind of what I've been saying but much more detailed and thought out. Great ideas.

scamp1 09/03/12 - 09:14 am
Great idea

This is an absolutely great idea Michelle! It's logical (of course coming from you), and I agree it would be a win-win for everyone. Each component could retain its mission, and the AIM component would be fantastic for Augusta and the nation. The ASU component could continue its mission of serving the community, and with needed resources, become even better. With AIAM, the regents could win money and national reconition, and could sooner, rather than 20 years down the road, reach the goal of having in Georgia the best research institution in the nation. "Credibility", however, would require a creditable, trustworthy, respected leader - definitely not Azziz.

Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 09/03/12 - 03:31 pm
Best Idea I Have Seen Yet

I have been associated with Augusta State since 1973. My husband, who passed away in 2004, taught there for 31 years. All three of my children and one of my grandchildren have attended Augusta State. Two also have degrees from MCG. My husband and I both graduated from California State Polytechnic University, and he earned his PhD at Texas A&M. I know Augusta has name recognition all over the country. I have been very upset about the way the name change has been handled, and I want the institution to keep a link to its proud history. I believe that Michelle Benedict's proposal of adopting the name "Augusta Institute of Arts and Medicine" is the best solution I have heard. Please consider this Dr. Azziz.

mycomments 09/03/12 - 06:53 pm
The best Statistics professor

The best Statistics professor from Augusta College in the 80's! Still outshining all others with her well thought plan with a win-win for all. How about it Azziz?

Frenchified 09/03/12 - 07:34 pm
Michelle, This is by far the

Michelle, This is by far the best idea I've heard yet. Your proposals are sound and clever. If they use your idea, you will get the prize from us emeriti! I too enjoyed every minute of my 35 years teahing there, and I would hate to see Azziz and the Regents strip ASU, and MCG too for that matter, of the particular flavor each school has.

dstewartsr 09/03/12 - 09:29 pm
Might work

... if you could convince the two-bit Great Dictator imitator the 'A' stood for Azziz, he'd go for it.

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