TSPLOST not just a penny

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Here is what the mayor of Dalton, Ga., says about the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax:

“If this tax passes in all the regions, it will immediately take $1.5 billion out of the struggling Georgia economy. Georgia is ranked 49th in per-capita income growth in this century. Twenty percent of Georgians have lost 25 percent or more of their income since 2008. Our population is ranked the most economically stressed in the U.S. Most of the job growth since 2009 has been in low-wage jobs. While 3 percent of Georgians were earning minimum wage in 2009, now 10 percent of Georgians are earning minimum wage, twice the national average.”

Proponents say “it is only a penny.” But with drought raising grocery prices, you will pay more at the supermarket.

This is a great bonanza for Georgia state government and road construction firms, but it is not for the consumer – and me. Where are our conservative Republicans whom I elected to office? Who will guarantee the TSPLOST is temporary?

I vote “no” on the TSPLOST.

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dichotomy 07/30/12 - 09:02 am
Bonanza is a good word to

Bonanza is a good word to associate with TSPLOST. The politicians have been watching the track record our gullible voters have with "SPLOST" proposals and somebody at the state capital hollered "gold strike". "These fools will fall for anything as long as it ends in SPLOST."

Well....they are late to the game. I am all SPLOSTed out. I am facing FEDERAL INCOME TAXES going up in January. I am facing increased OBAMACARE health insurance rates and/or OBAMACARE TAX PENALTIES and OBAMACARE MEDICAL DEVICE TAX, and the OBAMACARE HOUSE BUYING TAX. I am facing the already skyrocketing cost of FOOD due to drought and the GOVERNMENT mandated policy of using corn to produce ETHANOL. And on top of those things your want me to pay 8% STATE SALES TAX, 6% STATE INCOME TAX, STATE GASOLINE TAX, PROPERTY TAX based on manipulated valuations, AD VALOREM TAX based on manipulated valuations, INCREASE FIRE TAX, and INCREASED GARBAGE FEE (TAX).

I'm sure there are another half dozen or so I miss but ANYONE with ANY COMMON SENSE should get the point. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and politician pigs are back at the trough grunting for "MORE".

TSPLOST is NOT "just a penny". It is 1% of everything you spend...which means for the most of us it is 1% of EVERYTHING YOU MAKE. And TSPLOST is not "temporary". Historically SPLOST TAXES become PERMANENT TAXES.

Many states exist on a sales tax only of between 7% to 9%. No INCOME TAX. We ALREADY pay 7% SALES TAX and up to 6% STATE INCOME TAX. We ALREADY PAY a DEDICATED STATE GASOLINE TAX and a DEDICATED FEDERAL GASOLINE TAX for roads and bridges projects. What is WRONG WITH OUR STATE POLITICIANS? What is wrong with our DOT? Where has all of that money gone? Could it be that they SPENT IT ALL IN METRO ATLANTA and now want our families to suffer. They took our STATE GASOLINE TAXES and spent it all in Atlanta and now they have the cajones to tell us "oh, we spent that in Altlanta on bloated political payback contracts so if you REALLY want your roads fixed you have to give us more".

Voters, go read the last FOUR STATE AUDITORS reports on the GA DOT which basically say the GA DOT has mismanaged road contruction contracts and failed to do the things necessary to qualify for FEDERAL MATCHING FUNDS. THEN, pleasve VOTE NO on TSPLOST and tell the politicians to go back to Atlanta, CLEAN HOUSE at the GA DOT, implement a new contracting process which could probably reduce the cost of contracts by 50%, and START ALLOCATING the STATE GASOLINE TAX funds fairly and proportionately to ALL AREAS OF THE STATE instead of just in METRO ATLANTA.

VOTE NO ON TSPLOST and tell them that the SPLOST BONANZA IS ALL MINED OUT. Send them back to Atlanta with their tails between their legs and muttering amongest themselves about actually having to do something to CLEAN HOUSE AT THE GA DOT.

nofanofobama 07/30/12 - 12:57 pm
7percent sales tax raised to

7percent sales tax raised to 8 percent sales tax is a 12 percent tax increase***a penney here and a penny there adds up to real money. enough is enough...if they wisely use and are a good steward of the money we taxpayers give them already.. like knock out waste ,duplication and fraud and i bet there is enough money

Riverman1 07/30/12 - 04:04 pm
Here is a point. You can't

Here is a point. You can't even do this T-SPLOST county by county. A sales tax is unfair to the small counties because they usually spend money in the larger counties. The best thing is to let all counties fund their highways by direct taxes. Their roads are fewer and the state funds the main state roads. A sales tax dampens the economy in an area. A thriving economy produces more tax revenue.

Tax No More
Tax No More 07/30/12 - 07:12 pm
It Is Just a Penny

On a $30,000 automobile it is 30,000 pennies not just a penny.

cheapster505 08/10/12 - 09:42 pm

1st 5000$ is exempt even tho who will use the roads Cars trucks buses motorcycles but take public trans to the store and YOUR not exempt

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