We don't need a TSPLOST

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I really can’t believe the commercials I am seeing on television regarding the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax referendum to fix our roads and bridges. If you have traveled to other states, such as South Carolina, you have to admit our roads are not that bad. That this referendum is up for consideration shows that we still have our priorities confused.

I have a few suggestions instead of TSPLOST:

• ESPLOST – a special sales tax to keep our teachers employed, our schools open and our children’s education guaranteed.

• PSPLOST – a special sales tax to hire adequate police protection so existing officers are paid adequate wages and are not overworked and burnt out.

• FSPLOST – a special sales tax to increase the equipment for fire departments and to pay these heroes a livable salary, so they don’t have to moonlight to make ends meet.

• HSPLOST – to help provide health care for the uninsured that everyone is fighting about right now.

Do we really need to put the condition of our roads ahead of these urgent needs? We had a SPLOST for the counties to fund new buildings, new buses and recreational equipment. Now we have some counties laying off teachers but building elaborate schools appearing in Architectural Digest while they still have buses that are not air-conditioned.

I heard one county spent SPLOST money to build an extremely nice swimming pool that is only open weekdays from 1 to 4 p.m., which means the working parents who paid for the pool will not have the opportunity to take their families to use it.

Until our political leaders get their priorities straight everyone should vote “no” for the TSPLOST. This is an additional tax that will help a few in the construction business, while many go without the essential services we are supposed to be guaranteed.

Maybe we need to get rid of all the other taxes, such as income taxes, property taxes and ad valorem taxes, and have one sales tax that covers everything. Then the tax structure would be fair. Everyone pays the same and no one is penalized for the income they make or the property they own.

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faithson 07/23/12 - 11:53 pm
pray tell...

why would ALL the people's taxes increase when NOT all the people are beneficiaries of the tax intent. the sales tax at the pump is where this belongs. Let us vote on that. cars at one rate, 35 ton trucks at another. Alabama has a law that ALL semi's MUST gas as they traverse the state. Be creative. This tax the people is non-sense.

nevertoolate 07/24/12 - 06:05 am
Vote No!

Work with the money you already have, like the rest of us have to. It smells like a big, fat, bloated paycheck for some giant construction company. Vote No.

Riverman1 07/24/12 - 07:17 am
The first penny local option

The first penny local option sales tax was initiated as a temporary tax. Ha.

dichotomy 07/24/12 - 08:46 am
The pigs are grunting at the

The pigs are grunting at the trough. They've eaten everything you have given them and apparently it has not created enough PORK for them to distribute to their road construction company friends and campaign supporters. Their mismanagement of road projects and construction contracts and the dedicated transportation taxes we already give them is the problem. The policies of our politicians, at all levels, have forced most of us into a strict personal diet. It's time to show them that we are not as stupid they think we are. Thier diet needs to start HERE and NOW and go on FOREVER. We need to KILL this TSPLOST and ALL other SPLOSTs they dream up or try to renew.

An 8% sales tax combined with up to 6% state income tax, already high gasoline taxes, extremely high Ad Valorem taxes, and artifically high property taxes created by unrealistic and illegal valuations of our property that are totally unrelated to market value seems almost criminal considering the services, or should I say lack of services we receive. Come on people.......especially rural residents. Are you seeing ANY benefits of all of these taxes? Do you really think that slopping the hogs with ANOTHER penny is going to change our lives for the better? Just stop and look at ALL of the taxes we already pay to our state and local governments. Do you receive any benefits from all of these taxes. We are not even getting decent BASIC services and even some of them, like garbage service, we are being charged an extra, phenominal, double the going private rate fee.

So who IS benefiting from all of our taxes? Well, Paul and the boys downtown are doing quite nicely with the hotel, TEE, and parking deck we built them. The garbage contractors are making good money and preparing to buy those shiney new CNG trucks you will be paying for. And Mark Johnson is well on the way to building his Solid Waste and Methane Capture & CNG sales empire. The road construction contractors are salivating in anticipation of more huge, bloated road construction contracts funded by TSPLOST. The 10 supervisors are already lining up to stand and watch the 1 illegal hispanic guy do all of the work. The school building contractors are doing quite nicely with all of those contracts for shiney new schools you funded with another SPLOST but the actual education system is still pretty much bottom of the barrel. And, of course, the entitlement crowd along with the state and local agencies that administer those programs are eating up a huge chunk of your income and property tax money.

And these gluttonous politicians are trying to tell us that, with ALL of the money they already forcibly take from us, they only way we can get roads built and repaired is if we give them "just another penny". I say to them, go back to Atlanta and slash unneeded agencies, tighten eligibility for entitlement programs and audit the entitlement rolls for fruad, waste, and abuse. Tighten up on retirement and benefit benefits for ALL state government workers. Put ALL basic services, like roads and bridges, at the top of the budget and when you get down to where income = outgo draw a red line and STOP SPENDING.

NO MORE MONEY. NO MORE TAXES. Vote NO on TSPLOST and any other xSPLOST. Make the slop addicted pigs produce nice lean HAM for us instead of PORK for their friends and campaign supporters....and do it with the slop we are already giving them. Vote NO on TSPLOST.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 07/24/12 - 09:34 am
Time to show all government

Time to show all government whose money and who's boss.

augusta citizen
augusta citizen 07/24/12 - 10:58 am

I have a suggestion too - NSPLOSTE - No SPLOST ever!!

socks99 07/24/12 - 02:50 pm
Bowles is on the right track,

Bowles is on the right track, and then falls off course when she recommends other sales tax referendums to fund public services that she claims are more important that roads.

The money-in-the-cage remains the fact that our elected leaders use those referendums as a gimmicky way to vastly boost the amount of money (and political favors) they are able to hand out!

Otherwise, they are left having to propose and then vote in favor of various tax and fee hikes; and then WE will know who they are and as they say, "See you at the polls!"

Now, there are critical needs and services; and government ought not be removed or destroyed. We should make it better, instead!

Stop the sales tax referendum madness; get back to electing folks who know up front that they are charged with fiscal management. They must be willing to take the heat for their decisions on taxing and spending; citizens ought to see through the scam and force elected leaders to lead!

bubbasauce 07/24/12 - 06:57 pm
Dichotomy, You hit the nail

Dichotomy, You hit the nail on the head with your great commentary. Quit the endless spending, start cutting if you know how. I am willing to bet they don't spend their own money that way!

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